A Lego Investment? Look Who Else is Investing in Mexico!

Published on: Aug 21 2013 by Thomas Lloyd

Lego invests into Mexican PlantSo, who’s investing in Mexico these days? I’ve shared a few news stories here on this blog, but it’s hardly the tip of the iceberg. A blog called Mexican Business Blog has made an impressive list of corporations investing into business in Mexico, including:

  • Lego
  • Bimbo (owner of Wonder Bread)
  • Kraft Foods
  • The beef supplier for Burger King, Applebee´s, Wendy’s, Sanborns and Denny’s
  • 3M

There is also a good deal of investment from automobile manufacturers, the steel industry and more. Read the full list here … and remember, invest in Mexico and tell your clients what’s going on in this country!


-by Thomas Lloyd


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