The World Bank and Government Fight Climate Change in Mexico

Published on: Aug 08 2013 by Thomas Lloyd

Climate change is real and Mexico’s government knows this. They have been working closely with the World Bank to invest in improving the situation and taking responsibility within this country:


Driven in part by the country’s vulnerability to climate impacts, the Mexican Government has demonstrated its commitment, long-term vision, and political will to addressing climate change through its policies and its active role in global negotiations.


Environmental change will continue to have negative effects on poorer and, in particular, on indigenous groups, who depend on sources of income threatened by the effects of climate change.




The Mexican Government and the World Bank have a consistent and long-standing partnership in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Traditional finance is only one piece of this relationship. Beyond traditional single projects, the Bank uses the full range of instruments, generating tailored and timely development solutions.


The instruments include:


  • Financial Services: investment lending, development policy loans, grants, credit enhancement, hedging swaps, and catastrophe risk management.
  • Knowledge Services: advice on development options, capacity building, research, and technical assistance, and acting as an incubator for innovation.
  • Convening and Coordination Services: knowledge sharing, South-South exchange, event organization, high-level coordination, and facilitating the issue of multi-catastrophic bonds using the Bank’s positioning in capital markets.


(Read the entire article at the World Bank website.)


The article also demonstrates how the World Bank is taking Mexico and investment into that country seriously.



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