Education Reform Passes Senate: Important Step for Mexico’s Future!

Published on: Sep 06 2013 by Thomas Lloyd

Mexico's reforms and economyAn important step in Mexico’s future happened this week! The senate finally passed the Education reform which will put an end to the corrupt system of purchasing or inheriting teaching positions in Mexico. The current system, which allows unqualified teachers into the school system, ultimately disrupts good quality education. Reform advocates say that this is a historic change in Mexico! According to the new reform, teachers will be chosen and promoted based on merit with a new standardized test based system that will be used for hiring.


A quote from the


“The late-night vote clears a path for Peña Nieto to move forward with a series of even more controversial reforms, including a measure that would violate one of modern Mexico’s longest-standing taboos by allowing private investment in the state-run oil company. “


What does this mean for the future? It means Mexico is moving forward and taking important strides to improve the economy and quality of life of its citizens. And despite the reluctance of some Mexican citizens to accept Pena Nieto into power he seems to be staying true to the efforts he has promised to institute for the better of the country. As we see these kinds of beneficial efforts to continue we will see Mexico grow and thrive.


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-by Thomas Lloyd


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