Mel Gibson Doing Business in Mexico?

Published on: Sep 20 2013 by Thomas Lloyd

Mel Gibson doing business in MexicoIs Mel Gibson doing business in Mexico?  There is some speculation about it.  A recent trip to Mexico and a meeting with Carlos Slim Domit (son of the world’s second richest man, Carlos Slim Helu,) have made people wonder if Gibson is looking to this wealthy family to finance his movies.

Now here’s the interesting part; an American movie director is looking to Mexico for money.  While we are talking about one of the world’s richest families, it’s still worth noting that cross-border investment no longer just means Americans investing into Mexico.  We could now imagine the possibility that in some cases the roles could be reversed.

For anyone considering buying real estate in Mexico, this points to confidence that even if the economy has slowed down temporarily, investing here will be good in the long term.  Again, U.S. brokers should also be paying attention to Mexican buyers.

Here’s an excerpt from a Forbes article: Carlos Slim Domit, Business man and president of Telmex administrative council

‘Mel Gibson’s recent boy’s night out with Carlos Slim Domit, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helú‘s eldest son, has generated speculation about a possible business deal between the two famous men.

‘Mexican business columnists reported that Gibson traveled to Mexico City last month to ask Slim Jr. to invest in his film company. According to Hollywood pundits, the actor, film director, producer and screenwriter, lost money on his self-financed movie Get The Gringo, which was filmed largely in Mexico last year.

‘However, according to knowledgeable sources, Slim Domit has been interested in the film industry for some time and Grupo Carso, Slim’s business conglomerate in which Slim Jr.  serves as Chairman of the Board, has taken advantage of a new Mexican law that waives some taxes for businessmen that invest in producing films. In 2010, the year of Mexico’s Bicentennial, Slim Jr. produced an animated film for children about Mexico’s founding fathers. One additional thing the Slims and Gibson have in common, sources say, is that both are Catholics. “I suspect there is a film under consideration,” said a source who asked not be named.’

Read the entire Forbes article here.

-by Thomas Lloyd

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