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We're sorry! There are no available properties in this area by the moment. We are working hard to find new land, homes and condos for sale in this area.

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Americans and Canadians decide to move to Cabo for a variety of reasons; retirement, vacationing and investment are just very generally a few of the most common motivations. In all cases, Cabo land for sale can be found that suits each buyer's purpose, while offering access to the warm-weather, low-cost beachfront lifestyle for which Cabo has become famous.

For example, a retiree tired of the high prices and cold winters back home may look for an inexpensive lot in Cabo to have a one-story home built that allows them to live in more comfort on less money. Perhaps a family needs a vacation home that they can actually afford; they could buy a lot near the beach, have a home built and rent it out while their not using it.

Investors also have plenty of possibilities in Cabo land for sale. There are individual lots in high-potential, growing neighborhoods where a buyer looking for a smaller-scale project could build and resell, or rent out.  From there, the variety only increases, including large commercial lots, condo development lots in established, upscale communities and development lots in new areas that are just being planned out and divided up for development.

There are a handful of items that ALL Cabo land for sale will have in common. As mentioned earlier, there are the sandy beaches, warm weather and friendly neighbors. All lots will also be found for excellent prices compared to this kind of investment back in the U.S. or Canada. As already mentioned, a buyer on a very low budget can consider investing in Cabo land for sale well under $50,000 USD and have a beautiful home built for prices unimaginable in other countries. Investors will find that Mexico's growing tourism will pay off on low-priced land and large plots alike.

As with other real estate types in the area, one of the big advantages of investing in a lot in Cabo is that the area is very close to home only a couple of hours flight by means of the Cabo international airport. Flights are well priced, and this makes it easy to oversee a construction project, or to enjoy a new property once it's complete.

Cabo is growing and plenty of lots are available in a variety of locations. Buyers interested in investing in land whether for lifestyle or for monetary purposes, should talk take a look at these listings for Cabo lots for sale and contact us for more information about any kind of land that catches their interest.

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