Supporting the community of Chumpón

The intense rains that occurred through out mid June caused flooding in some areas of Quintana Roo and especially in the Mayan community of Chumpón where more than 100 families were directly affected. The Rotary clubs of Tulum, Playa del Carmen Seaside and Playa del Carmen Empresarial joined forces to coordinate the collection of donations to support the communities that have been affected by this natural disaster.

Although some of the basic needs have already been met, much remains to be done to help these people in crisis. If you are interested in helping or supporting, you will be able to see updates on the collection on the Facebook page of Playa del Carmen Seaside Rotary. You can also bring your donations directly to our offices, because we are one of the official collection centers.

To date, several donations have been made and these families are recovering slowly. However, the flood strongly affected Pitahi, a women's cooperative that produces fruit jams. More than 400 thousand pesos of machinery and raw materials were damaged and are unusable. Pitahi directly supports 8 families and indirectly more than 100 people, so it is urgent that they can recover their production capacity immediately.

Specifically, they lost an industrial freezer, an autoclave and 1 ton of sugar.

You can support the cooperative by purchasing their products, although the most urgent and important thing is that they are able to replace the damaged machinery so that they do not lose the customers that they currently have.

Send us a message to get in touch and we can directly connect you with the right people to help this struggling community get back on their feet.

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