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The Cozumel real estate market is amazing. There is something magical about living on an island, and if the island is in the Caribbean turquoise blue waters, then it is mesmerizing and magical. And if the island is in Mexico, with all the warm and spicy culture, then you have a magical, mesmerizing and neighborly home. This is Cozumel.

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Cozumel Real Estate

The real estate market of Cozumel is influenced mainly by the fact that it has a limited inventory. The island is approximately 5 miles wide, and 15 miles long, and only a small part of it has been developed. Cozumel is a 40 minute ferry ride from Playa del Carmen, which is approximately 40 minutes south of Cancun. The island is flat, without mountains or hills, and the Cozumel beaches on the east side are incredibly beautiful. The west side of the island has waters renowned among scuba divers from all over the world, who swear to its beauty. Temperatures run from 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter up to 105 Fahrenheit in the summer.

A seaside boardwalk runs along the eastern side in the downtown real estate area of Cozumel. This is the heart of the island, with the main square sitting back one block from the boardwalk and surrounded by cafes and outdoor restaurants. Everything is within walking distance. Even the ferry docks that take you to the mainland is centrally located. You can move around the market place on a bicycle or scooter, or small automobile. On the southern part of the island there is an international airport that will take you whisking away to the footsteps of your hometown.

Cozumel is a small magical island that has a community with a big heart. You will soon be nodding and smiling and then chatting away with the neighbors of Cozumel.

Cozumel is the largest island on the Eastern side of Mexico. Various factors have a direct effect in the real estate market. First, it has the most visited port in regards to cruise ship tourists in all the continent. And second, it is located 40 minutes south of the Cancun international airport and another 40 minute ferry ride to the east of Playa del Carmen, which makes of Cozumel a centrally located suba diving capital.

Cozumel real estate demand has increased thanks to the international airport, with direct flights from various cities of the USA and Canada. This has made the shuttles between Mexico and the home countries for the travelers and real estate owners very efficient. Many Cozumel property owners are able to fly in directly and be walking into their doorway of their Mexico home quite efficiently and practically.

Cozumel Oceanfront properties are always high in demand, and with the island limiting property options, the pricing reflects these occurrences. Shopping is readily available and everyday goods and services are easily located within the community without the need to shuttle back to the mainland for products as you needed in the past. Cozumel also has a country club golf course, tennis courts, and wide variety of water sports. One Marina has been functioning and a new facility is under construction. The retirement expat community has been growing continuously over the past ten years and such figures are projected only to increase in the following decade.

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