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Cozumel land for sale can be found on various parts of this beautiful island, with a wide variety of prices as well. In-town lots ideal for building a home or commercial development. A lot to build a single house can start as low as $40,000 USD; larger lots ideal to build several residences or apartment buildings are available around the $300,000 range, and going up. Everything between is available, with prices varying depending on proximity to the beach, the airport, etc.

Beautiful, rustic Cozumel lots for sale can be found outside of town. A lot with no electricity or building permit (both of which can, of course, be obtained for development), in a 100% natural setting i.e. no other development- could be available for as little as $35,000 USD. In some parts of the island, environmental protection laws allow for only certain types of building, ensuring that the true nature lover can buy in these places and rest assured that the natural setting will stay intact! Opportunities near other developments can run up to about $350,000 USD and higher, depending on the size and location, of course.

Beachfront land is in the highest demand, with the highest prices, but can also offer excellent opportunities! Large Cozumel lots for sale on the beach, ideal for development projects, can reach over $10 million USD. The styles and price range of Cozumel land for sale is fairly wide, and appeals to a variety of needs. To start your search to find the perfect lot for you, take a look at our listings below. Then contact us to get the information and advice you need to make the right purchase, safely.

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