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Purchasing property in Mexico: how to get financing

Recorded on August 22

Financing your dream home in Mexico doesn’t have to be a hassle. We’re introducing a new product in this FREE WEBINAR designed by financing experts at CAF. Register now and don’t miss out on the financing process and the best available financing option for you!

In this webinar, we will introduce this new product available for foreigners who are looking to purchase property in Mexico. You will learn:

  • A special option offered to foreigners by a mortgage company
  • The basics of the financing process
  • The requirements and steps you need to follow
  • Real examples of financing, how to make an estimate, and a comparison of several properties in the Riviera Maya

BONUS: by registering to this webinar, you get a FREE copy of the financing example!

Thomas Lloyd

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Thomas Lloyd,

Founder & President of
TOP Mexico Real Estate

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