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Lake Chapala Real Estate

The Lake Chapala real estate area offers one of the best climates to be found; while it enjoys Mexico's warm weather, the fact that the lake is about a mile above sea level means that there are cool evenings to off-set the warmer days. The rainy season, from the middle of June to October, which offers a pleasant rain in the evenings again comfortably cooling off the heat of the day is actually the favorite time for many visitors for this reason. Lake Chapala's incredible climate can be enjoyed on many parts of its 100 miles of lakefront. It is no surprise that Lake Chapala real estate is one of the world's favorite retirement destinations.

Lake Chapala real estate offers a variety of property types distributed through the various towns and neighborhoods around the lake. The main centers of the lake's north shore are the town Chapala, where D.H. Lawrence used to live and write, and Ajijic, with its beautiful cobblestone streets, and relaxed Mexican pace of life. Moving east along the lakefront from Chapala, Vista del Lago is another key destination with its exclusive golf course homes; between Chapala and Ajijic you will find Chula Vista and San Antonio. After Ajijic there are numerous quaint and interesting communities, starting with Rancho del Oro, and ending near Jocotopec, where you can find typical Mexican villas with large courtyards, patios, pools and splendid gardens, all beautifully integrated into the traditional style.

Lake Chapala Lifestyle and Activities

Just as appealing as the visual beauty of the towns is the friendliness of Lake Chapala's people. Lake Chapala real estate not only has the benefit of a large expat community, but also enjoys the authentic, laid-back atmosphere of a true Mexican village. The community is one of the safest you will find in the world, and offers the perfect place to lead a relaxing life.

While the area is calm and easy-going, it also offers any modern conveniences you may need. There is a large, modern highway between Lake Chapala and Guadalajara, making for an easy 40 minute drive. While Lake Chapala real estate offers excellent health care, with English speaking doctors, Guadalajara offers large, modern hospitals with up-to-date facilities that will provide any service that may not be available here.

The international airport is halfway to Guadalajara only 25 minutes away providing many flights to all major destinations in the US and Canada, not to mention just about any other part of the world. There are also many ways to keep in touch with the world from your home in Lake Chapala; the area offers high-speed internet connections and satellite T.V with stations from the U.S. and many other places.

Lake Chapala real estate offers a large variety of activities, suitable for just about any taste. Among the many social clubs both American and local is the Lake Chapala Society, which offers a good supply of English books, magazines, newspapers and videos among its collection of 20,000. This club, with its beautiful grounds, is also an excellent meeting place, offering celebrations for the American and Mexican Independence Days as well as Canada Day. There are also many charitable organizations in the Lake Chapala area. You can also find many activities ranging from Spanish language classes to Tai Chi courses to mountain biking clubs. Concerts, art and museums add to Lake Chapala's cultural atmosphere.

While Lake Chapala real estate includes all modern benefits needed to live comfortably, it doesn't include the high prices. Most things tend to be available for lower prices, leaving you the option of either spending less, or getting more for the same money.

Lake Chapala truly offers the best of both worlds. To start your property search, contact us today at the Top Mexico Real Estate, we are experts in guiding foreigners purchasing Mexican properties safely.

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