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We're sorry! There are no available properties in this area by the moment. We are working hard to find new land, homes and condos for sale in this area.

Please fill our Property Questionnaire Criteria List and one of our agents will contact you soon to show you the best option for you.

When planning your Lake Chapala retirement, the first step to take is to research the area, visit, then make a definite decision a few days is often all it takes to check out an area, meet people, look at housing and see in which community you would be comfortable and happy.

The Lake Chapala area offers one of the best climates in the world, some of the friendliest neighbors, and one of the most relaxing lifestyles - it shouldn't be difficult to find the town that's perfect for your Lake Chapala retirement. The TOPMexicoRealEstate NETWORK, "Your Expert Property-Finders" is here to help you in the process from day one.

There is an international airport less than 30 minutes away so easy to "go home" and travel to any part of the world. Laredo, Texas is one of the closest points by car and is 600 miles away. Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, just below San Diego, California, is about 1,600 road miles but if you drive and allow enough time to enjoy stopovers in the numerous beach towns and large cities along the way on both sides of the border. "Hurry" is not a word noted in the Mexican vocabulary and can become a way of life that can be truly enjoyable.

Relaxed and laid-back are two words that will definitely describe your Lake Chapala retirement. But at the same time, there is always something you can do. There are more than 50 English-language clubs in the area and many charities and volunteer organizations; Little Theater, Needlepushers, Bridge Clubs, Garden Clubs, Ham Radio, Cooking Groups, The American Legion, Sons of The American Revolution, Daughters of the American Revolution, Computer Club, Rotary Club - something for everyone. There are several English-language newspapers available and as well as U.S. newspapers, cable and satellite television with many (100s) of Canadian and U.S. stations available. You will never need to lose touch.

While the locals are friendly, and it's easy to get to know them, there are also about 6,000 retired Americans and Canadians currently enjoying their Lake Chapala retirement. Also, Guadalajara is only 45 minutes away and is the second largest city in Mexico with a population of about 6,000,000; there is a very large number of Americans there as well. The American Consulate once stated that this area has more U.S. citizens outside of the U.S. than anywhere else in the world.

Many American and Canadian retirees get by very easily and well with no knowledge of the Spanish language; however, it is also very easy to find Spanish lessons here and learn some greetings and enough general conversation to ease going on a trip, buying groceries, eating in a restaurant or purchasing items in a market or business establishment. Although many Mexicans speak English, you can also show courtesy to try to speak some Spanish, and have fun learning a new language while you're at it!

Medical care here is another advantage to a Lake Chapala retirement; it is convenient, competent and cheap, and often costs less than the trip to the States to use

Medicare and pay the deductible. Most insurance groups will let the policy holder use the hospital facilities and doctors here as the savings to them are substantial. While the costs in Mexico are low - often months of treatment cost only what the first hour of emergency care would cost in the U.S - the service is professional and up-to-date, with very modern equipment.

Anyone can have a wonderful lifestyle here, be as involved or as alone as they wish and be completely content. Lake Chapala retirement offers activities for everyone, an amazing climate, a very relaxed lifestyle, and inexpensive, modern health care. What more could you ask for? Contact us and start exploring your options!

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