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A major factor for success in any real estate market in Mexico is its accessibility. There should be great travel options and ease of arrival and departures. La Paz real estate enjoys an International Airport with direct flights to and from all major cities of Mexico, and Los Angeles, California, which connects to the rest of the world.

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Fraccionamiento Colina del Sol Condo Colinas del Sol 201

$ 155,000 USD

La Paz, La Paz, México

MLS: LCB-CO0-17480

Calle Viosca Terreno Viosca

$ 490,000 USD

La Paz, La Paz, México

MLS: LCB-LT0-17478

Calle Puebla Casa Puebla

$ 190,000 USD

La Paz, La Paz, México

MLS: LCB-HO0-17474

Belisario Dominguez Terreno Belisario

$ 760,000 USD

La Paz, La Paz, México

MLS: LCB-LT0-17440

Calle San Pedro Casa San Pedro

$ 100,000 USD

La Paz, La Paz, México

MLS: LCB-HO0-17435

Thomas Lloyd

Thomas Lloyd

Located at Calle 1a Sur y 55 Av - Mza 227 LT2, Ejidal 77712 Playa del Carmen Q.Roo.

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Our whole experience with a previous realtor was a nightmare. But we have been more than very satisfied with the whole experience with Top Mexico Real Estate. Bjoern has been nothing short of fantastic at all times, honest and up front with all information. He even took us out for most of a day to help us through some processes. We know consider Bjoern a trustworthy friend. Thomas is a very pleasant person as well - approachable, friendly and courteous. Many, many thanks to Top Mexico Real Estate, an awesome team who renewed our faith in Realtors. If you want the best then go to Top Mexico Real Estate; you will not be disappointed

- Geraldine and Peter on July 1st.


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Welcome to La Paz Real Estate !


It also has a modern and efficient shuttle service to the Los Cabo international airport where hundreds of flights are available to and from all parts of the United States and Canada. La Paz real estate also enjoys daily ferry service to Mazatlan and Topolobampo. La Paz is an old and dignified city which was founded of 450 years ago. It is the capital of the state of Baja California Sur and attracts intellectuals from all over the world.

Sailing, Golfing, Kayaking, scuba diving, biking are various outdoor sports that are readily available for residents and visitors. The city also has seven universities including the finest marine biology investigation units in all of Mexico. All of these attributes have created an impressive demand in La Paz real estate from the non Mexican second home and retirement buyers. Developers have seen the enormous potential of our sleeping La Paz and have introduced a wide range of property options for international buyers. Whether you are searching for a closed gate community lot in La Paz, an oceanfront property, or a retirement home, we have all of these and more. Money Magazine printed that La Paz Baja California Sur is the most desired place to retire outside of the United States.

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La Paz

La Paz real estate is an ideal choice for many reasons. La Paz is very close to the United States close enough for those from the southwest to make weekend trips, and only a short flight from the rest of North America for snow birds escaping the winter storms. But while the proximity is a definite bonus, the real attraction comes from the life and culture of the city, the natural wonders in the area, the amazing climate and, above all, the warmth of its people.

Imagine breathtaking views onto the desert mountains, and at the same time a splendid Oceanside walkway, with cafés, restaurants and bars lining parts of it, so weather you're looking for a relaxing walk on the beach, or an evening out, you can enjoy either on the beautiful beachfront.

Anyone choosing to buy La Paz real estate will find that they are not alone. Besides being one of the top retirement destinations in Mexico, there are North Americans from all walks of life here to enjoy the city's life and beauty. But don't imagine that La Paz has become less Mexican in any way. Yes, the infrastructure, services and healthcare are just as modern and up-to-date as you would expect back home, but while some tourist destinations have to focused on creating a Gringoland, here the here North Americans and Europeans alike integrate very well into the La Paz community. Many join community projects, ranging from aiding the needy to giving attention to the environment. Many also take advantage of the culture provided by the many universities.

If you love nature, you will also be excited to know about the Espiritu Santos Island group, which border the southeast of the Bay of La Paz - and, protected as a World Heritage Bio-Reserve, along with 244 other islands in the bay - offers an superb nature destination. This is only one example of the natural splendor which La Paz real estate offers.

Mexico has become a very stable economy over the past ten years and is currently the largest trade partner of the US from Latin America, and La Paz real estate is definitely seeing the benefit of this. To find out how you can take enjoy all of what La Paz offers, and make a firm investment in your future, contact the TOPMexicoRealEstate NETWORK ; We are certified professionals that specialize in guiding new buyers through the Mexican purchasing process.

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Playa del Carmen Real Estate - Golf Course Homes in a Beachfront Paradise

La Paz Real Estate

One of the exciting points about owning Playa del Carmen real estate is that the community is actually the heart of Latin America’s golf capital!   Home to 12 excellent courses and Latin America’s first PGA event, golf is not only a great activity here all year round, but also a very attractive real estate option.  The following are some interesting communities or areas to consider. Related: Playa del Carmen Condo Video of the Golf Course Community  Playacar Playacar
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