Love Is in the Air in Playa del Carmen – 10 Most Romantic Things to Do (#1)


Playa del Carmen has been named one of the top 10 romantic places in the world.  Besides the splendid beaches, turquoise water, and bright sun, Playa del Carmen has a certain charm about it’s atmosphere not found in most tourist towns.


The low-rise buildings, the beauty of Fifth Avenue with its shops and restaurants, the Mexican culture and a taste of Europe offered by the strong Italian presence all combine to make this town truly romantic at any time of year.


Now, with Valentine’s Day coming up, this romance is especially noteworthy.  The spark of passion that Playa del Carmen offers couples isn’t just for the young adventurous lovers enthralled in the passion of finding a new romance, or just for newly weds on their honeymoon (although it certainly can be for both of these!)


Playa del Carmen’s charm can also be the spark that re-kindles a romance that began decades ago.


The following are our top 10 romantic things to do in Playa del Carmen.  I’m sure many people would put this in a different order, and have their own romantic experiences that we’ve left out or didn’t even know about: but this is part of the charm – there’s always more romance to discover!


Today, I will share the first three (#10-8) and then three more each day until Valentine’s Day, when I’ll reveal what – f0r me – is the most romantic part of living in Playa del Carmen.

#10. Dinner at Italian Trattoria on Fifth

Sitting with the person you love the most (whether it be just for the first time that evening, or for your lifetime) looking out over Fifth Avenue, enjoying delicious Italian food and excellent wine, with mariachis serenading – chances are, you’ll be so in love that you won’t even notice the beautiful atmosphere.


#9. Romantic Dinner on the Beach

inner in the warm breeze from the ocean by the light of candles and lanterns, the sound of the waves lapping up against the beach – who needs say more?  Restaurants like Zenzi downtown offer excellent Valentine’s Day dinners and drinks.


#8. A Day (and Night) at a Beachfront Resort

The comfort of complete luxury, a lounge area with a pool overlooking the beach and complete service for anything you might need will allow you to forget about everything – except love!

Upscale luxury resorts like Viceroy just north of Playa del Carmen are an excellent choice for visitors and expats who live here.


Tomorrow we will see #7, 6 and 5.; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely