Want to See Mexico’s Wildlife Upclose? Go to Xcaret (Part 3)

Places to see for Mexico retirementMexico is a country rich in wildlife and nature.  As with so many other attractive aspects of things to see and experience in Mexico, Xcaret offers  a very good taste of the kinds of colorful birds, wild cats and nature you will find – at least for the Yucatan Peninsula.


For the intro to Xcaret, click here.  For a gallery of photos on the architecture and art, click here.


Today I’m going to share  a series of pictures on wildlife and nature. I’m trying something new and sharing it as a slideshow.  It will automatically go through all the pictures, but if you move the cursor over the pictures, you will see buttons for back, forward and pause so you can have some control.

In the slide show, you will see jaguars, panthers, flamingos, birds of various kinds, bird eggs, and another animal called a tapir, I believe.  There are also some nature shots:


beatlo's Wildlife - Xcaret album on Photobucket

(If you can’t see the slideshow, click here.)


by Thomas Lloyd


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