You’ve Never Seen Mexico’s History Like This – I Can Guarantee It!

Things to See for Mexico RetirementUnless you’ve been to Xcaret, then I’m sure you probably haven’t seen anything as spectacular as this.  And the word “spectacular” is so appropriate; it both reflects the Spanish name for “show” or “spectacle” which is the title of the show – Mexico Espectacular – and also the impression the show has left on me every time I’ve seen it!


The show follows Mexico’s history from the Mayan and Aztec civilizations up to the modern day in spectacles of dance, costumes reflecting each culture and era, music and fire!


Now, I have to admit one thing; it’s really hard to get good pictures because it’s in the dark with bright lights of different colors and lots of movement.  The pictures do not do the show justice.  Like the other shows at Xcaret, it draws you in and takes place all around you with the action moving up into the aisles of the benches.  Although the pictures look small, you certainly don’t feel that way when you’re there.  You see the action unfold beautifully in front of you on a huge stage.  For that reason, in addition to my own pictures, I’m also sharing some pictures from other sources below.


First, my own, in a slide show:


beatlo's Main Show - Xcaret album on Photobucket

(If you can’t see the slide show, click here.)


Now, just so you get a better idea of some of the details, here are some pictures from other sources (some of which I’m sure were professionally taken by people working for the park):


beatlo's Main Show - Other Pictures album on Photobucket

(If you can’t see the slide show, click here.)


I hope you enjoyed the pictures of Xcaret as much as I did taking them, and, whenever you’re in Playa del Carmen or Cancun, be sure to set a day aside to get an excellent taste of Mexico!


-by Thomas Lloyd; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely


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