Looking for a Retirement Job? Why Not Your Dream Business in Mexico?

Retirement in MexicoFinally you’ve made it to that big day when retirement begins, so you can … compete in a struggling job market to make ends meet?!?


It may sound absurd, but more and more retirees are finding themselves in this situation.


Pressures on Retirees

“‘Retirement job seems like an oxymoron,” observes a recent article in USA Today. “And yet a growing number of Americans say that they plan to continue to work during their retirement years.”


The article goes on to list all sorts of fun things like:

  • harder times making retirement budgets work
  • difficulty finding jobs
  • employers’ adversity to hiring workers in retirement age
  • higher unemployment in the 55+ group
  • etc.


Of course, for professionals, the pictures is a little different.  But the bottom line still is that it’s becoming harder and harder to just forget about work and enjoy life during retirement.


Have You Thought about Mexico?

People who find themselves in this situation would do very well to look south. First and foremost, the cost of living is so low in Mexico, that it solves the problem for most people.   The stress of wondering if those retirement funds will go far enough is removed and people can relax and live well.  Most people could easily afford a nice Mexico property, leaving their savings in tact, or even boosting them if they sell a more expensive property back home.


Starting a Business

Some people would still need a source of income.  In Mexico it’s much easier to invest in a rental property or open that business you’ve always dreamed of.  Many retirees are living in Mexico, and gaining an income here.


But it’s not that they’re working that same office job that they’ve been waiting to be rid of for so long – they’re working their dream business – a restaurant, cafe, sailing tours, yoga, decoration,  dog kennel – whatever is their passion is.  And they own it.


Even people of modest resources can start a business in Mexico.


Working for Enjoyment

There are also many retirees who keep working in Mexico, even though they don’t have to.    Why?  Because they enjoy it.   But there’s a world of difference between working  because you like it, and working because of financial pressures.  Working because you enjoy it is also a nice luxury even back home, but in Mexico add to that the comfort of living better on less money, warm weather, beaches, great food and – best of all – relaxation as a way of life.


-by Thomas Lloyd


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