The Five Senses of Playa del Carmen

Retirement living in Playa del CarmenPlaya del Carmen is an invigorating beach town awaking all of your senses beyond the norm. With so many things to see, hear, smell, touch and taste you are sure to want to return again and again or join the rest of the expats that have made this wonderful place their home. So what’s different? I believe it is the combination of multi culture, tradition, value of simplicity, love and beauty.


I See Magic!

The ocean gives a different kind of magic in each time of the day. I enjoy the mornings and evenings because of the quiet and peace that it fills me with. But during the day the ocean is moving. There is energy created by beach-goers making a buzz in Playa.


If you venture outside of the beach and up the 5th ave you can see much movement and excitement. One of my favorite things to do on the 5th ave is to have a cup of coffee at Starbucks and people watch. You will see vendors and restaurants busy at work asking you to come try their product. You will see different kinds of entertainment from men dressed as characters, break dancers, street shows, mariachis, etc.

Off the 5th you see what real life is like here in Playa. There are lots of people walking or riding bicycles, Couples holding hands, kids playing in the street, workers working, cats and dogs running around without a leash just having fun and doing what is within our nature. Many of these things are very rare to see in the Midwest where I come from.


Can you smell that?

Ocean and sand! We all are familiar with the great smell of the beach. It’s a smell that tells us to enjoy, relax and let go!


Food! Restaurants, small Mexican kitchens or taco carts are in abundance here. Wherever you go you smell the aroma of food. This is of course why I tend to remain permanently hungry in Playa.


Incense! I have noticed that the use of incense is quite popular here and I smell it a lot on the 5th avenue coming from some stores



This is my personal favorite topic! The food, fruit, and different kinds of drinks here are amazing. There are so many new things to try. From simple to the most exotic kinds of foods, Playa is full of top notch restaurants.

And have you tried the cooking from a local Mexican kitchen, otherwise known as a Fonda? If not then please do! It’s some of the best yet inexpensive food you will eat here. Let’s not forget the availability of wonderful fruits, juices and flavored waters. Have you tried Jamaica (HA-MI-CA) water yet? Here you will find the food is National but also very International so try it all


Hello I Can Hear You!

Well, one of our most incredible senses is our hearing. Each town and city has their own flare to it. So what is different and particular about Playa? Well, for one back in the U.S. I would have never thought I’d be living next door to a rooster but, well now I have one for a neighbor. He sings his song throughout the day but is never bothersome. It actually makes me feel very nice that I have discovered this simplicity to life.


Nature is a noise that you hear often here. The chirping of the various kinds of birds is a common sound. The language! Oh how I love the Spanish language. It sounds so beautiful to me when I hear people talk. I’ve known Spanish for a while, but I still love listening – the new hasn’t worn off! Music is filled in the streets and in the touristic areas day and night including those great mariachis and local musicians.


Retirement living in Playa del CarmenIt feels so Good!

The sand in my feet! It’s perhaps one of the most wonderful feelings for me personally is to feel the sand touch my feet and to touch the water.


“Fish spa” at a cenote! The little tadpoles swim up and eat the dirt off of your feet. It feels ticklish but very neat at the same time.


The wind! Feeling the wind blow against your skin and in your hair is a sweet relaxation.


Playa can take the energy all through your body. Connect with nature and the community. Listen, taste new things and enjoy Playa!

-by Thomas Lloyd


Livin' Playa video interview