What to Do on Rainy Days in Playa del Carmen …

I’m going to make a startling admission:


There really are rainy days in Playa del Carmen!


There aren’t many of them – I’d say over 300 days of the year are mostly sunshine. Even when there is rain, it lasts for a couple of hours at the most, and sometimes much less, and then Playa’s bright sun comes out again.


But there really are a handful of days in which it rains all day. And in these cases, it usually rains hard.


So what to do on a rainy day in a place where life is out on the beach, a stroll out on Fifth Avenue or breakfast on a terrace?


I have to admit, it’s hard to keep stuff around just for a few days a year when the rainy days keep you inside. These are my personal favorites:

  • browsing the web – writing blogs of course (good internet connections around here)
  • watching a moving – there are good movie rentals in English, as well as 2 movie theaters, also mostly in English (with Spanish subtitles)
  • bowling – we just got our first bowling alley a couple of years ago!
  • hanging out at the mall – whether you like malls or not, you won’t find yourself spending much time at them just because it’s so easy to be outside – except on the rainy days! (One has underground parking)
  • a game of chess – you can do that outside too, but rainy days are especially good for it; my 8-year-old son has become quite the pro! There’s a very informal chess club that meets on Fridays at one of the malls.
  • drink hot chocolate – it never really gets cold enough for hot chocolate here, but I always feel like the hard rain makes it taste better
  • read a book – it’s a good chance to catch up on some over-due reading


So how will you spend your rainy days here? Well, to be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t worry too much about it, since it’s so seldom. But on the other, when it happens so seldom, you kind of appreciate it!


-by Thomas Lloyd


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