“Where the Streets Have No Name …”

Have you ever wondered what Bono was singing about in that song?

Maybe I haven’t discovered any in depth meaning to life from U2’s music, but I sure have found a few places where the streets have no name.


Consider this working-class community right next to downtown Playa del Carmen:


Just two years ago or so, they put up street signs on the 3 main roads.  The little side streets still have no road signs.  Sure, the streets do have names, but you won’t find them marked in any way – and, for the most part, people don’t use the names or often even know what they are.  Landmarks are the way to go.


Now take a look at this place in Chiapas:

Here, you might actually have trouble finding any name – official or otherwise – for this road!


So, living in Mexico, you will most certainly find places where the streets have no name.  But, unlike Bono, I’m sure you actually will find what you’re looking for.

by Thomas Lloyd

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