5 Great Tips for Traveling … and Living in Mexico

Browsing Google today, I found these 5 Things You Should Know When Travelling in Mexico.  Even for people living in Mexico or planning to live in Mexico, they are excellent little bits of info since expats always enjoy traveling around the country.  Here are excerpts of each of the 5 points:


1. Not every pyramid is the same

The mind-baffling pyramids, scattered all over Mexico among jungle and ancient settlements, are among Mexico’s top attractions. However, do not assume that once you’ve seen one Mexican pyramid you’ve seen them all! Each pyramid site in Mexico is not only unique in its size, design and structure – but also in its history and origins.  …


2. There is more to Mexican music than mariachis

Mariachi music is synonymous with all things Mexican, and rightly so as it is considered the national music of Mexico. However, it is important to realise that there are lots of other forms of important traditional Mexican music that form part of the colourful history and culture of this musical country. One form of Mexican music you are likely to come across when you travel around Mexico is ranchera music. The word “ranchera” is derived from the Spanish word for farm (rancho) as it was among rural farmers where these folk songs originated. …


3. The Roman Catholic religion is important

Catholicism is the dominant religion in Mexico. This is more than just an interesting fact – it is a must-know for anyone planning to travel to Mexico. … According to the 2010 census, more than 80% of the population of Mexico are of Catholic denomination. For this reason, it is important to show respect for Catholic tradition both inside and outside of churches while travelling in Mexico.


4. Festivals are a year-round occurrence

I don’t think it’s a sweeping statement to say that Mexican’s love a good celebration! At least this is what their impressive calendar of ancient traditional, spiritual and religious festivals would suggest. There are numerous festival celebrations all year round in Mexico both at a local and national level. These include celebrations which worship the patron saint of one’s neighbourhood; regional food, craft, music and folklore festivals; as well as country-wide events such as the Day of the Dead. …


5. The natural environment is highly respected

As the fourth country in the world for biodiversity, Mexico is an attractive place for natural scientists, geographers, marine biologists, nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. With a variety of diverse ecosystems differing from one end of the country to the next, there are all manner of landscapes to explore in Mexico. These highly protected geographical regions range from landscapes comprising volcanoes; rainforests and mountains; to deserts, reefs and sacred limestone wells. [“cenotes”]


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-Bea Lozano