Video: The Founder of Playa Animal Rescue Shares Her Story!

The beaches of Playa del Carmen are among the most beautiful in the world, and no doubt that life on these beaches is a central part of being an expat.  Yet, being an expat is much more than just relaxation on the beaches.

As we’ve seen with the stories about the Keep Kids in School program (KKIS) over the past week, many expats contribute to the community through volunteer and charity work.

We’ve also posted about the Playa Animal Rescue program.  Here’s another video about this program – this time an interview from the expat woman who founded it last year:



This is such a wonderful story! She came to Playa, saw the need and did what she needed to open this shelter.  I’ve been there, and these dogs are simply adorable creatures!

By the way, if anyone is looking for a dog, this is an excellent way to find a wonderful companion; as she notes in the video, the dogs are healthy and clean.  It is also very possible to take the dogs back to the U.S. or Canada.


-by Bea Lozano

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