The Island of Women – Experience the Treasure of Isla Mujeres!

In light of this glorious travel Tuesday I would like to highlight a day trip destination worth putting on your to do list this coming season!  If you have never been to the quaint charming Island just out of Cancun, called Isla Mujeres, then you are going to want to give this a shot! You will not be disappointed!

Travelers from all over will be arriving to the Riviera Maya right around Christmas time.  Some will stay a week and others will stay months! In any case, if you are a frequent traveler to Playa del Carmen or other areas of the Rivera Maya then you may want to take advantage of day trip or weekend getaway ideas…after all, there is so much beauty to see all over Mexico!

The Island of Women!

Isla Mujeres (The Island of Woman) is known for its amazing turquoise and crystal waters perfect, for anyone that loves to swim, snorkel, dive or even just stare!  The town is quite small but is very sweet and has an attractive, beachy, laid back Mexican feel.  You can walk around to shop or visit some delicious restaurants or bars.  If you like to be more of a site seer then renting a golf cart for a couple of hours is fairly inexpensive and a great way to explore the Island quickly!

The beaches on Isla Mujeres are some of my favorite in the whole Yucatan Peninsula; mainly because the water is just incredible.  There is no doubt that all of the Riviera Maya has beautiful turquoise water but each area still holds its own “special something”!

How to get to Isla Mujeres!

Find the most convenient transportation to Cancun either by bus, taxi or collective, and then hop on the Ferry which will get you to the Island in about 15 minutes.  If you want something a little bit more organized and fun, book a catamaran party boat during the day. The Catamaran ride will send you off with a lot of fun and music, and includes snorkeling, time in the town for shopping and site seeing, then relaxation and lunch on one the Islands exclusive beach clubs.

Night time dinner cruises and Party Boats

If you had enough sun you can certainly enjoy Isla Mujeres even under the stars. There are various dinner and party cruises for night owls. Enjoy a nice ride with fun and dancing before you arrive to the private beach club, where you can enjoy a fantastic buffet along with a steak or lobster dinner. You can book a tour with a local tour agent which will include transportation to Cancun. If you are already staying or living in Cancun you can provide your own transportation.  Make sure to book ahead as there is a high demand in prime season.

I always recommend exploring other areas outside your ultimate destination.  It gives you the chance to appreciate different kinds of beauty that you would never otherwise know.  This beautiful country of Mexico is way more than just beach and sand. It is filled with history, charm and nature!

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