Living in Puerto Vallarta – Beauty, Charm and Romance Part of an Everyday Life!


Puerto Vallarta is a Top destination for tourists who love relaxing, golf, scuba diving, adventures and even surfing!  But that is not all!  It is also one of the top expat and retirement destinations for Americans and Canadians.  There are more and more expats living in in Puerto Vallarta every year!

So what does Puerto Vallarta have to offer that is making people want to leave their own country to call Puerto Vallarta home?

Puerto Vallarta is a beach town with miles of charm and beauty.  The streets of this Colonial and historical backdrop are paved with Cobblestone giving a simple and traditional feel.  !  I should also mention that service and hospitality in Puerto Vallarta are quite amazing since the local people are so welcoming and inviting.

Beautiful Beaches

Besides all of the colonial, in-town, charm that Puerto Vallarta holds we must not forget that the beaches are one of the main attractions for this coastline town!  Among the most popular area beaches are Los Muertos Beach, Oro Beach and Playa Sayulita.

Surfs up! If you love hitting the waves Mismaloya Beach, about 45 minutes away from Puerto Vallarta center is a prime spot for surfing.

Things to see and do

Puerto Vallarta is for anyone!  Enjoy a nice day of golf on some of the most prestige golf courses, dive deep into the sea to explore underwater life, take a leisurely kayaking ride, go sailing, snorkel and go horseback riding!   If you are thinking of tying the good old knot, Puerto Vallarta is also a number one romantic wedding destination!

Puerto Vallarta in the Movies!

Did you know that Puerto Vallarta was the onsite destination for some well-known popular movies and shows, such as “The love boat” and “Night at the Iguana” starring Jim Burton?  Jim Burton and Elizabeth Taylor even bought a home in Puerto Vallarta which ignited the same idea for many other expatriates from all over!

A special little secret!

Have you ever head of Marietas Island before?  Maybe not!  But I am here to tell you that this special and unique Island is a must see, and do, in the area!  Take a sailboat tour and head out to one of the most gorgeous and interesting retreats in the area, even in the world, with beautiful crystal water and a virgin beach that is surrounded by a cave like opening.  It is just incredible!  A place to clear you head and escape from every sign of reality!

Love is in the air!

In general, Mexico is full of love and romance.  You should never be surprised to see hand holding, nuzzling or public displays of affection!  One of the well-known areas of Puerto Vallarta is the romantic zone!  A simple quaint little part of town that just lets you be free and without worry!  It’s all about charm in this little village.  Quiet beaches, little cafés and restaurants and an authentic Mexican feel! Perfect area for a romantic walk with your other half!

Puerto Vallarta is SAFE!

[I always like to remind people that Mexico is indeed a safe country to visit.  But ding ding ding, the statistics are in folks!  Mexico has actually some of the lowest numbers in statistics when looking at the numbers compared to the United States, Canada, Australia, some parts of Europe, south Africa, Honduras, Chile, Peru, and the United Kingdom!

So relax, in Puerto Vallarta México!  If you are poking at the possibility of living or retiring in Puerto Vallarta contact a reliable and trusted Mexico real estate agent who can help you through the process of buying your dream home!