The Inspiring Cirque Du Soleil Set to Grace the Riviera Maya with its Magic in November 2014

If you are a resident in the Riviera Maya it is likely that you have already heard the great news that Cirque du Soleil is making its grand entrance to the Riviera Maya later on this year!

This news comes with great excitement since many people have waited years for this genre of entertainment to make its way to the Cancun/Riviera Maya area.

Bigger cities in Mexico have seen various visits from Cirque du Soleil but never to the Riviera Maya region. And now, not only will Cirque du Soleil be headed to town for a visit but they are coming to stay!

Cirque du Soleil joins hands to create an experience like no other

Cirque du Soleil has teamed up with Grupo Vidanta, a major Mexico resort developer, to build Latin America’s first permanent Cirque du Soleil Theater.  In fact, there are only a few other locations in the world where the show will run daily in a permanent location, one of those well-known locations being Las Vegas.

The new venue will is going to be built on the Riviera Maya strip about 10 minutes South of Cancun airport, nearby to the beautiful Mayan Palace resort which is directly affiliated with Grupo Vidanta.

Cirque du Soleil is sets out to create a Customized Experience in the Riviera Maya

The new Yucatan jungle inspired theater will be like no other Cirque Theater ever built, as it is intended for a smaller, more intimate, experience.  It is planned to consist of only 600 seats and will operate as a dinner theater, making this Cirque show to be even more unique and special.

This exclusive Riviera Maya Cirque du Soleil show is expected to be 70 minutes long and will run daily, adding yet another “must do” on the itinerary for visitors to Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

Strong news for the healthy growth of the Riviera Maya

This news would have to get some people thinking, clearly this kind of investment has come about due to the increased demand of tourism and residency in the Riviera Maya.  Certainly the Riviera Maya is different than Las Vegas but they share a common factor, which is that people will continue to travel! And people will always continue to seek new entertainment options in the region.

The Riviera Maya is a solid location that shows promise; as we continue to see major initiatives such as this, we can feel more confident in that every day.

Since the Theater will not be open until November, there are still plenty of things to keep you busy.  For more information on upcoming events and things going on around town don’t forget to subscribe to our special Playa del Carmen blog or follow Mexico real estate on Facebook.