Playa del Carmen Carnival Spectacular!

Playa is for sure a place that you should never underestimate the word fun!  As the entire town has evolved, more and more incredible events and celebrations are brought to this amazing town. Carnival is one of many of those exciting events that arrive to Playa del Carmen each and every year.

Last week we celebrated a fantastic Carnival celebration in Playa, ending on Fat Tuesday (the day to indulge before Ash Wednesday). Parades filled the streets of Playa each night with dancing, exciting Caribbean music, and outstanding colorful costumes.

The parade runs through the main streets of Playa del Carmen giving everyone a chance to be a part of the action. The spectacular parade arrives to the Municipal Palace square in Playa del Carmen where you will be submerged into the very heart of the Carnival action, with more live performances from entertainers of the community and Caribbean Carnival show extravaganzas.

As the town square turns in a huge entertainment venue it is a perfect place to join with friends and family for a night out and to eat traditional Mexican Foods and snacks!  As the carnival does purposely coincide with Fat Tuesday you have a perfect excuse to indulge!

Some of the best Carnival favorites which are typical to these kinds of events are those delicious churros, marquesitas, shrimp on a stick and of course corn on the cob with chili and mayo!  Other more familiar favorites like hamburgers, hot dogs and tacos are also a hit at Carnival time in Playa!

As an even bigger treat, those who are staying or living in Playa del Carmen have very close access to the ferry dock which brings you right into the most amazing Carnival on the Riviera Maya, in Cozumel.  While each town or city holds its own version of Carnival, the most talked about and popular Carnival can be found on the beautiful Island of Cozumel.

Since both events run for the entire week you have plenty of time to experience both!  Fat Tuesday in Cozumel is particularly an event that shouldn’t be missed.

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-By Bea Lozano