Living in Mexico: The Riviera Maya Ultimate Bucket List

So now that you own a slice of gorgeous Mexico real estate, you have all this free time in your hands.  You find yourself being more active then you’ve ever been.  When you look out your window and see your beautiful Caribbean paradise… you want get out there… and enjoy living in Mexico. So why not start with the ultimate bucket list that lives inside your head.  For most dare devils, a bucket list favorite might be something like… swimming with sharks.

Well let’s not get that crazy.

You would like to be alive long enough to enjoy living in Mexico.  So might I suggest swimming with the “whale sharks”?

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

What is a whale shark? Is it a whale or is it a shark? Well they are a shark.

“What! And you want me to swim with them?”

Even though they are the largest known fish, with a record of 41.5 feet long, they are gentle giants.  Whale sharks are very docile fish that pose no danger to humans.

The whale shark is named after the whale because of their sheer size and feeding habits. The whale shark is a filter feeder, swimming close to the surface with their mouths open surviving on a buffet of plankton.

 photo swimmingwiththewhaleshark_zpsdb419200.jpg

Whale shark season is from June to September.  That is when the whale sharks migrate to Isla Mujeres to feed; an Island located just north of Cancun.  All you have to do is throw on your snorkel gear, jump in the water and swim with these massively impressive but gentle giants.

And guess what, you’re now swimming with sharks… and you get to live to tell about it!

Be adventurist, enjoy living in Mexico, go swim with the “sharks”.

And cross it off your list…

… It’ll be our little secret.

 photo whale-shark_zps0eeb08ad.jpg

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