Top 10 Reasons to Retire in Mexico

Ah, retirement! It’s creeping up on you faster than you thought and it’s about time you start thinking of what you want to do upon retirement. Will you just enjoy a quiet retirement at home, enjoy your children (if any) and kick back relaxing day after day? Or will you put your money to good use investing in the perfect full-time or part-time retirement home? Would you rather stay in the USA, Canada – or whichever country you are from? Or would you prefer investing in a slice of paradise in the Riviera Maya or anywhere throughout Mexico?

Whichever your preference is, hear us out! Mexico is a top retirement destination for Americans and Canadians alike. There are thousands of reasons why people choose to invest their hard-earned money in the perfect retirement home in a tropical paradise like Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should at least consider retirement in Mexico:

  • Low Cost of Living

The low cost of living in Mexico not only means your savings will last longer, it means you will be able to afford the “luxury” life only millionaires can enjoy up north. Because services and goods (and even medical attention – read point 4) are considerably cheaper you will find that what you paid to eat for a week in the USA might render 15 days’ worth of food in Mexico. However, the key to successful saving is to avoid big brand names that mainly come from America. Remember, imported goods tend to be priced higher.

But the low cost of living doesn’t only reflect in food. Services such as transportation, medicines, beauty salons, hospitals, cinema, shopping, and more, are also meaningfully cheaper.

  • Higher Life Quality

It may sound cliché, but living in Mexico really ups your lifestyle. The low cost of living means you will be able to hire house help daily, which will give you more free time for yourself. Walks on the beach (or park), yoga, time to sit down and enjoy a book by the beach, waking up slightly later and going to bed earlier. Everything you do will help you increase your life quality.

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  • Real Estate in Mexico

Buying property in Mexico is easy, safe, and very common. Costs will vary depending on which part of Mexico you are looking to invest in and what type of property you want, but they are also significantly lower than in other parts of the world. Also, foreigners are allowed to own property in Mexico and have beneficiaries, making it an easy process for anyone wanting to own real estate here.

  • Healthcare and Medical Services

Mexico has increasingly become a popular medical hotspot for its high quality services at a much lower price. From dental procedures to surgeries and treatments, many people from the USA flock down to Mexico for medical attention. Hospitals and medicines are cheaper than in the north and the quality of the service is equal or better. Many doctors, dentists, surgeons, and others, received part of their training in the United States so they are well trained. Costs for simple procedures can be half the price that you would normally pay back home. And the ultimate plus of medical care in Mexico (specifically the Riviera Maya) is recovering by the beach!

  • Culture, Tradition, Diversity and History

Mexico is a rich cultural country. From Mayan, Aztec, Olmec (and other) heritages, to deeply rooted religious traditions, this country is sure to offer a variety of traditional festivals and cultural events. Mexico has over 40,000 archeological sites – including a Wonder of the World; it also has 9 out of the 11 ecosystems that exist around the world: desserts, mountains, beaches, forests, jungles, and more. The history, the culture and tradition, and the diversity of Mexico, makes it a magical place for expats to explore and enjoy their retirement in.

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  • Accessibility

Let’s be honest, even if you are retiring to a foreign country, you want to be close to home. Mexico is the USA’s next door neighbor. Flights are readily available on a daily basis, and the costs of travelling are rather accessible. Direct flights from the USA and Canada are common and only a few short hours from your new home. Going back home to visit friends and family, or having them come down to visit you, is something that goes from “I wish they could…” to a “they actually can”.

  • Gastronomy

There is a serious addiction to Mexican food in the North. Every block or two there is a “Mexican” restaurant, and most of the population is guilty of trying it…and loving it. But real Mexican food is much better (and possibly cheaper) than what you can find back home. Mexican gastronomy is considered a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. So, go figure! From street food to more elaborate dishes, nothing you try will disappoint.

  • Safety

News media reports are often exporting drug cartel related violent crimes in Mexico. However, far from what is being showed around the world, Mexico is a very safe place. It is no different walking down the street in Denver than it is in Mexico City – or anywhere for that matter. While there is a drug war going on, innocent people are not targeted, and most importantly, foreigners are not being targeted. Many places where expats retire to are some of the safest areas in the country. Law enforcement is present, especially in tourist destinations such as the Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, and San Miguel de Allende. While taking precautions is always recommended, you don’t need to live in fear of something happening to you.

  • Weather

The last few years have brought some heavy snowfalls in the North, and Mexico lacks these. Depending on where you want to retire, you will get different weather. But supposing most people want to retire by the beach, you will find the weather is spring-like year-round, only getting really hot during the summer. The Riviera Maya gets average low temperatures of 20°C (68F) and high temperatures of 34°C (93F).

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  • Other Expats

You are far from being the first expat wanting to retire in this beautiful country. Throughout Mexico you will find many expat communities backing each other up on the amazing journey of migrating and retiring in Mexico. The Riviera Maya hosts one of the biggest expat communities, and you will never be alone. Forums and websites, as well as expert agents, will be happily helping you out on your journey.

Stop thinking what life would be like in Mexico and start living it! Maybe it’s time you join the expat retiree communities of this beautiful country.

Now, if you have any questions about living in Mexico, buying property, or are interested in one of the many real estate options we have listed on our website, feel free to contact one of our TOP MEXICO BUYER’S REPRESENTATIVES who will gladly assist you on your journey to retiring in Mexico.

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