Live it Tour Testimonial: Heinz & Vicky

Two new people have realize their dream of living in the Riviera Maya thanks to Top Mexico Real Estate. We went to visit Vicky and Heinz from Minnesota and asked them some questions about how they found the process of buying their new property in Mexico and their experience of working witht he Top Mexico team.

Vicky: We love Mexico and have been travelling here for 10-12 years. We love the culture, we love the people. Heinz did a lot of research in to realty places.

Heinz: I found Top Mexico on the internet and it appealed to me right away. I contacted Top Mexico and they put us together with the builder at Atsi.They were very forthcoming in every way. And here we are, we´ve moved in.

V: Last December Heinz and I came down and we contacted them right away and said we´re looking for some property to buy and we got in touch with William. We said ¨This is kind of what we´re looking.¨ He spent a lot of time going through all the different things within the parameters of what we were looking for and we spent a couple of days of looking at different places. Heinz had seen Atsi on the internet. William brought us around to all the different places and then once we saw Atsi nothing compared and William said ¨OK, let´s start working on it. And he stepped us through all the process. He made it really easy. Top Mexico put us in touch with MexLaw and we´ve been working with them through the contract and they´ve been fabulous.¨

¨So now we´re getting to the close and getting ready to come down here. We´ve made our payments and all of a sudden we get an email from Anita. She says ¨Hi,   I´m Anita. I´m going to be your closer.¨ And  now she takes over, and she always answered my emails immediately, any questions we had, any concerns. She´s been working with us now for the last 3 months. Both William and Anita have made this so easy for us because they´ve taken care of all the concerns and problems. Anita was our person here keeping track fo the condo, coming to look, giving us progress reports so we would know what´s going on. And it´s been flawless.¨

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