Christmas Traditions in the Riviera Maya: Posadas, La Rama and More…

Once that you choose the Riviera Maya as your new home, you will find there are Christmas traditions that are unique to this part of the world.

Retiring to Mexico is a dream for many; beautiful weather, cheap cost of living and with direct flights to most of the main North American cities. Over a million foreigners have chosen Mexico as their home. You’ll surely find many traditional ingredients to make your christmas dinner!

However, moving to Mexico means to adjust to a whole different set of christmas traditions, such as:

“La Rama”

La Rama is a tradition with origins in Veracruz. Nonetheless, it has spreaded all over the southeast of the country including the states of Yucatan and Quintana Roo. This tradition is literally a branch of a tree, which is decorated as a Christmas tree and taken around the neighborhood.

In the Riviera Maya it is common to see groups of children going around with a branch of a tree or a decorated palm leaf, they do some caroling and then ask for a donation in cash.

Mexican Christmas Traditions


Las posadas is a tradition with christian roots. They were celebrated with friends and family to commemorate Joseph and Mary and their journey to Bethlehem. The celebration was leaded by traditional caroling asking the owners of the house for lodging,  after the door was opened there was more singing and praying.

Posadas nowadays might be traditional or just regular Christmas parties with friends, neighbours, coworkers and family members. It is not rare to have invitations to these parties almost every weekend. Also, there is an abundance of food, drink, candies and pinatas.

Mexican Christmas Traditions


The pinata is maybe one of the most recognizable Mexican traditions. Pinatas have many shapes, colors and materials. However, the original pinata had the shape of a star. Also, it was part of the Christmas celebrations as a symbol of the seven deadly sins and the people using a stick representing virtue to overcome temptation. The blindfold represented the faith and finally the candy or fruit inside the pinata was a prize for those able to destroy it.

Pinatas are almost always present in Christmas parties in Mexico. Moreover, it is a great fun for children and adults.

Mexican Christmas Traditions

Are you familiar with any of these traditions? Have you witnessed them? We would love to hear your experience with Christmas Mexican celebrations.  The team in Let’s Retire in Mexico wishes you a Feliz Navidad!!