The Best Retirement Communities in the Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is known to be one of the most popular places in the world for retirees. In fact, in Mexico it only comes second to the San Miguel de Allende expat community. The bright sunshine, consistent warm weather and affordability make it a top destination for retirement. Without missing a beat, developers have started to create retirement-friendly communities throughout the Riviera Maya. They offer great quality of life, culture and friendliness. Moreover, hospitals and clinics offer some top technology medical facilities and treatment. These are the best retirement-friendly communities today.

Playa del Carmen: Retirement in the Heart of the Riviera Maya

Retirement in Playa del Carmen

Many retirees choose Playa del Carmen due to the proximity to the Cancun International Airport. It is also the heart of the Riviera Maya and has access to the main cities and attractions. But mostly it is the services of a big city while still being a small town that attract those who want to retire.

Moreover, the real estate market in Playa del Carmen is very affordable. In comparison to the United States, living in Playa del Carmen can also be over 50% cheaper. Playa del Carmen is home to big supermarkets such as Walmart and has international shops, bars and restaurants like Starbucks, H&M, Apple, and others.

Tulum: Sustainable Retirement by the Sea

Tulum is a great beach town with everything one could possibly need. Although it is slightly further from the Cancun International Airport, it has easy accessibility through the Federal Highway 307. Tulum’s exponential growth has led it to become a sustainable community with many real estate developments taking into consideration the damage to the environment and tackling the issue.

In Tulum you will find high-end developments that mix a natural and tranquil lifestyle with luxury living. Accommodation and cost of living is affordable altogether. Tulum is also growing when it comes to medical attention, having opened clinics and hospitals recently. It is also home to select and premium supermarkets, as well as boutique shops, 5-star restaurants and, of course, the most beautiful beaches in the Mexican Caribbean.


Tulum has garnered international attention due to its winning beaches and amazing amenities. It is the perfect retirement destination for those who wish to spend their golden years chilling by the clear-blue sea.

Puerto Morelos: A Yet to Be Discovered Retirement Gem

Just 20 minutes south of Cancun you will find Puerto Morelos. It is quickly attracting more and more attention to visitors to the region, with many visiting it for a day at the beach. Its large California-style beaches are laidback and tend to be emptier than other regions in the Riviera Maya. It has a small population of approximately 9,000 and it offers great real estate infrastructure for anyone looking to retire to a still hidden gem.

It is a more laidback version of Playa del Carmen, and much smaller than Cancun. Retirees looking for something tropical are keeping an eye out for this small fishing town. Puerto Morelos is small enough that it feels like private, yet it has main access to the Federal Highway 307 and a large supermarket for every need.

Cozumel: Dreamy Island Retirement

Taking the Caribbean experience one step further is retiring to an actual island. Cozumel is just a 30-minute ferry ride from Playa del Carmen and it has infrastructure that requires you never actually leave the island. It is great for retirement because you get A-class beaches, plenty of tourism, delicious seafood and it has everything one might need such as clinics and doctors, large supermarkets and plenty of shops.


It is quite fast and affordable to commute to the mainland, however, should you need to do so. Those who retire to Cozumel are often big on fishing and scuba diving – two things the island offers better than most other regions in the Riviera Maya.

Real estate in Cozumel is very affordable, as well. Because it is mainly a tourist destination and not so much a permanent living destination for foreigners, real estate prices are kept at very competitive prices. And if you’re a snowbird, you surely will rent out your property for vacations.

Chetumal: Border Retirement in South Quintana Roo

Last but not least is Chetumal. This isn’t actually in the Riviera Maya, but rather the Costa Maya which starts at the south of Tulum and ends at the border with Belize. Just at the border lays Chetumal, the capital city of the state of Quintana Roo. While it is located a four-hour drive from the Cancun International Airport, it has become a hotspot for foreign retirees.

The city is very quiet and its proximity to Belize has made it popular amongst retirees that are often searching for scuba diving and fishing opportunities beyond the Mexican border. Chetumal has grown in retirement opportunities due to its excellent medical treatment facilities. Because it is a city it has plenty of supermarkets, banks, and activities to engage in.

When you think of retirement in the Riviera Maya, you should think of endless opportunities and a comfortable lifestyle. There are thousands of available real estate projects throughout. Check them out and start planning your paradise retirement today.

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