Top 25 Beaches: Coco Beach in Playa del Carmen

Coco Beach is one of the most stunning waterfront locations in the Riviera Maya. White-sand beaches offer gorgeous views and provide the perfect place to lay your beach blanket. Even the most experienced sunbather might need a break once in a while. The selection of beach clubs located in the area provide opportunity for shade and refreshment. Relax on a beach lounger and have drinks and snacks delivered directly to you while you enjoy the sunbeams.

Be Still at Coco Beach

Located in Playa del Carmen’s northern end, Coco Beach is a dreamy and quiet strip of land. It doesn’t get as much attention as its counterparts. It is located past 38th street, just where The Reef Coco Beach hotel stands. A block from 5th Avenue, this beach is easy to reach but still far away from the hustle and bustle. Blue ocean waters stretching out to the horizon sparkle in the sun. The ocean provides opportunity for refreshment to those on the beach. Swimming in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea is an experience that everyone should take part in. You will dry off and be ready to go again in no time, thanks to the year-round warm weather in the region.

Perfect for Aquatic Activities

In addition to sunbathing, there is also a number of activities available to those visiting or residing in Coco Beach. Adventure-seeking people might be interested in parasailing. This is a recreational kiting activity that involves a person, tied to a boat, flying in the air behind with the use of a parachute. Only from there are you able to truly appreciate the stunning vistas of the area.

The Coco Beach neighborhood is also home to several dive shops. You can register for lessons or excursions with certified trainers and guides. Diving tours are possible not only in the ocean, but also in caves or cenotes throughout the Riviera Maya.

Once you have your fill of the beach, visitors to Coco Beach can wander up to Fifth Avenue for access to even more amenities. The neighborhood itself offers everything one might need. From convenience stores, restaurants and bakeries to art galleries, clothing stores and exercise studios, there is something for everyone.

Real Estate Opportunities in Coco Beach

Retire in Playa del Carmen

If you are interested in enjoying Coco Beach’s lifestyle, then you might want to explore its real estate opportunities. There are countless beautiful properties that are great for snowbirds who like to flock away from the cold during the winter months. Moreover, they can produce an extra income from the months they are not occupying the property. However, if you wish to fully retire down in Mexico, its proximity to the beach and 5th Avenue make for a great place that has everything within easy reach.

This 2-bedroom condo, for example, is just one block from the beach. Its Caribbean style will always make you appreciate the beauty of the Riviera Maya – whether you’re vacationing in it or permanently living there.

Enjoy Coco Beach Today!

So, whether you’re visiting, vacationing or retiring in Playa del Carmen, you must visit Coco Beach. And if you love it, invest right away! This charming beach was long a well-kept secret but it is starting to garner more attention, so make sure you snatch the best retirement property while you still can.

And remember, at Top Mexico Real Estate…we make it happen!