Sargasso? Riviera Maya has much more for you!

Sargasso? The Riviera Maya has many more activities for you!

If you’ve visited the beaches in the Riviera Maya in the mornings, you’ve probably noticed the piles of sargasso littering the sand. This free-floating seaweed has been experiencing a boom in recent years due to warmer ocean waters caused by climate change.  There are many initiatives underway to reduce this litter, but in the meantime, if you find the beach too cluttered, here are some other thrilling activities you that you can do.


Day Trips

Wherever you are in the Riviera Maya, the network of highways and roads can get you to a variety of places. In those cities, towns and other locales you can experience traditional Mexican and Mayan culture. You could explore a large city like Merida to see how modern Mexican culture blends with the history of the region or a small village like El Cuyo for a more sleepy and quaint experience. Just be sure you know where you’re going and have a map, because there may not be cell service!


Mayan Ruins

If you love to learn about history, there are plenty of ruins you can to explore in the Riviera Maya. Chichen-Itza is a must-see for anyone who has not yet been. Not to mention that it is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Moreover, this archeological site is one of the most stunning and well-preserved examples of Mayan history. However, if you have already been there that you can explore many other sites. Uxmal is another amazing option that showcases a different style than Chichen Itza. You may also consider Coba. Although the ruins there are quite spread out you can rent a bike to explore at your leisure!

Eco Adventures

Throughout the Riviera Maya, you can find Eco Adventure parks. There you can seek thrills by riding ATVs and zip lines; you can explore tree walks and hanging bridges, and go swimming in cenotes! There are large theme parks where you can go and try several different adventurous activities at your leisure. Otherwise, if you’re with a group of friends and family, you can book private tours that blend together a variety of excursions. Often, there are different options for different abilities so that you can find something for everyone!

Punta Laguna Zipline

Photo by Wiz Tours

Food and Drink

Of course, when you want to relax and recharge, there are few things more fulfilling than sharing a delicious meal and drinks with good company. All through the Riviera Maya, you’ll be able to find countless options for refreshments. Street stands sell tacos all day, or you can try other street foods like elotes and esquites or marquesitas. Also, there are many restaurants, big and small, where you can find traditional Mexican food. Furthermore, you may find specialties from other parts of the Americas like Brazil or Argentina. And don’t forget to try traditional Mexican drinks like horchata or tamarindo!

No matter what your hobbies or preferences sargasso is not a problem, you can be sure that the Riviera Maya has an activity for you! 

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