Weekend Getaway: Sisal, Yucatan

It’s time for another weekend getaway, this time to Sisal, in the state of Yucatan. This quaint seaside town features a beautiful coastline, a charming main street full of bright colors and incredible nature sanctuaries. 

What is Sisal?

The city was once the primary port for Yucatan. Between 1880 and 1915 the Yucatan’s most successful export was henequen (also known as sisal). A variety of textiles come from a plant native to the area. If you ever purchased a scratching post for a cat, it was likely of sisal rope!

Thanks to this booming agribusiness Sisal welcomed large numbers of Europeans and Americans and introduced them to the land. But now it is time return to the natural beauty and impressive ruins that our early ancestors also experienced.

Sisal muelle

How to get tHERE

Just 47 kilometers from northwest of Merida, Sisal is now experiencing a resurgence as people rediscover its charm. Thanks to the new investment, there are new roads, new construction, and freshly painted buildings. Therefore, this incredible location is being able to prosper.

Sisal is still a tiny town, so there are no hotels located within limits. However, it is a quick one-hour drive from Merida through Hunucma. For those looking to visit from Cancun or Playa del Carmen, it is a longer four-hour drive along Highway 180. Therefore, you will want to look for accommodations in a close by city to fully enjoy this beautiful seaside town.


What to do while you’re there

Sisal is a quaint town that is perfect for anyone looking for contact with nature and serene views. Kilometers of white sand beaches are the ideal place to sunbathe for those who like to relax next to the water. It is also great if you want to watch a beautiful sunrise.

One of the most exciting features in Sisal is the Pink Flamingo sanctuary. With the help of a tour guide and a boat, you will be able to go on a 5-6 hour eco-trip. Once you are there, you will travel through a pristine mangrove jungle where you may view the flamingos, as well as other abundant flora and fauna. You may even have the chance to visit a private cenote where you can cool off with a swim before returning home.

However, for those more interested in thrilling and blood-pumping activities, Sisal is also famous for its kiteboarding opportunities! Thanks to the kilometers of empty white sand beaches, the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and the windswept coastline, it makes for an ideal location for this electrifying activity. The best months for kiteboarding are during the windy season of February to July when the warm winds are blowing. Even beginners will have a fantastic time surfing over the warm waters of the gulf.

Most of all, you will want to ensure that you enjoy yourself, and take the time to experience and appreciate local Mexican culture and cuisine!

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