Hurricane Season in Riviera Maya and How to Prepare for it

Hurricane Season

For those that live or work on the East Coast of North America, familiarity with hurricane season is nothing new. It goes from May to November. Each year, the warm waters of the southern Atlantic Ocean give rise to tropical storms and hurricanes. 

These weather events often complete their life cycle without ever touching land. However, in case they do, it is vital that we are all prepared to weather the storm!

Hurricane Season in Riviera Maya

Although hurricane season officially ends on November 30, the majority of storms develop between July and October. These storms can cause flash flooding, dangerous winds, treacherous surf and rip currents, as well as other hazardous conditions.

Whether you are planning to live in the Riviera Maya or you already live here, there are some things you would have to think about for the hurricane season.

Danger can be imminent during the cyclone. Still, the effects of flooding and other infrastructure damage often last for days or weeks afterward. These factors may result in the closure of airports or roads, and the loss of electricity, phone and internet service. So, how can you be prepared for these kinds of severe weather events?

Be Ready

Follow these key steps to ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe during a hurricane:

  1. Make sure that you and your household have an emergency plan. And, with that in mind, ensure that all of you can answer the following four questions:
    1. How will you receive emergency alerts and warnings?
    2. Do you have a plan for shelter?
    3. Is there any plan for evacuation?
    4. What is your plan for communicating during or after the storm?
  2. Ensure that you register with your country’s embassy or consulate. If you are a US Citizen or resident, you can enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive messages, updates, and other information. If you are a Canadian citizen or resident, connect with Registration of Canadians Abroad for the same service.
  3. Keep your travel documents in a safe place. Make sure they are up-to-date so you can grab them in a hurry. Consider keeping them inside a waterproof bag or container for extra protection.Hurricane season
  4. Keep a hurricane kit at home with essential items for weathering the storm. The recommended rule of thumb is that you have enough supplies for 72 hours without the need for outside resources. It’s recommended to include a flashlight and a battery operated radio in this emergency kit. If you have a pet, remember that you need to pack food and water for them as well. Also, ensure that you are ready for any specific needs of your household. For instance, prepare any special dietary requirements, prescription medication, or translations of key phrases if you do not speak Spanish.
  5. Monitor the US National Hurricane Centre for constant updates on storm activity and emergency response. You may also follow the Mexican National Meteorological Service.
  6. Keep your friends and family up-to-date and ensure they know you are safe, when possible.

The most crucial aspect is to be prepared and communicate your plans to everyone in your family. Due to climate change, extreme weather events can be expected to happen more frequently, and with higher intensity. So it’s crucial that we do what we can to be prepared for such an event.

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