Social Security Health Insurance for Mexico’s Permanent Residents

Are you and your family considering giving up your health insurance back home because it is too expensive? You don’t want to be unprotected in case of an accident or major health problem that you could develop after moving to Mexico.

 There are several plans available in Mexico for Private insurance carriers. Still, if you’re only interested in coverage for significant events, and you are willing to pay as you go for check-ups and regular care. In that case, this information will help you navigate the Social Security Health Insurance for Mexico’s permanent residents.

The first thing you need to know before you read on is that if you have any pre-existing conditions like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. You are not eligible to buy this insurance. You might be asking. How would they know? And the answer is simple, the first time you use your insurance, the doctor will be able to assess if you have any of these pre-existing conditions, and they would then cancel your insurance without a refund.

You also have to consider that most Mexicans that can afford private health care buy it and don’t use the social security system because of the waiting times and sometimes long lines to receive care. 

 Before you apply to buy the IMSS insurance, you have to have your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.

How do I get my Social Security number?

  • Get your birth certificate, apostille it, and have it translated to Spanish. If you have a permanent resident card, your birth certificate doesn’t need to be translated by a certified translator, it can be a simple translation, but the apostille is necessary.
  • You will also need an official ID passport, permanent resident card, your CURP (Unique Population Registry Key), and your proof of address (CFE or water supply bills). Take two copies of everything.
  • Go to the Administrative Office of the IMSS delegation closest to you and take a turn (Notice: Not all IMSS buildings have these administrative offices, make sure to verify which one is the closest to your delegation)
  • Give all the documents to the clerk who will check them and give you a page with your Social Security Number. 

(At the time we wrote this article, the information was that the process has to be in-person to get your Social Security Number. Therefore, you can’t obtain the SSN online, but you may apply for the insurance online.)

Social Security Health Insurance for Mexico’s Permanent Residents


Now you are ready to buy your Social Security plan for you and your family. In the past, to access Insurance for Mexico’s Permanent Residents, it was necessary that enroll at least one family member to access this type of insurance called “Seguro para la Familia.” However, now you can register as an individual.

It is essential to enroll at the end of the month because the insurance will cover you starting on the month after you are enrolling. If you register later in the month, you will be paying the whole month and only use it for a couple of days. It is also vital that you renew your annual insurance 30 days before it expires every year.

How does it work?

  • It is a health insurance to which any person and their family members can voluntarily join as long as: They
    • carry out the procedure through IMSS Digital or in the sub-delegations.
    • Do not have a social security scheme in another public institution.
    • Have no pre-existing diseases
  • You buy it voluntarily through the celebration of an agreement with the IMSS.
  • The subjects covered by this insurance are the insured and his family nucleus:
    • Spouse or common-law wife,
    • Children, father and mother of the Insurance applicant and,
    • Grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, cousins, children of the parents’ brothers and sisters of the insured subject
  • You pay an annual fee that entitles you to medical services during that period (see table).
  • There is a fee for each family member who joins the insurance, according to their age.
  • Your coverage begins on the first day of the month immediately following your registration.
  • If you want to continue with the insurance at the end of the year, you must renew it within 30 calendar days before the year’s expiration.

What rights does it grant?

  • The insurance covers medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, hospital, and maternity assistance.
  • In the case of maternity, care is provided during pregnancy, childbirth, and puerperium.
  • Some pre-existing diseases will not allow you to incorporate to IMSS, such as malignant tumors, chronic degenerative diseases (late complications of diabetes mellitus), hoarding diseases (Gaucher disease), chronic liver diseases, chronic renal failure, heart valve disease, heart failure, sequelae of ischemic heart disease (arrhythmia, angor or myocardial infarction), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with respiratory failure.
  • Also, if you have chronic systemic diseases of connective tissue, addictions such as alcoholism and other drug addictions, mental disorders such as psychosis and dementias, congenital conditions, and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or Human Acquired Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). In that case, you won’t be able to enroll.
  • Some exclusions to the coverage include cosmetic surgery, glasses, hearing aids, and chronic conditions that require permanent therapeutic control.


  • At the sub-delegation corresponding to the insured’s address, from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 15:30 hours.
  • Present official identification, Immigration card of permanent resident, translated birth certificate, CURP (Unique Population Registry Key), and proof of address, if applicable, marriage certificate, that of the family members to be incorporated.
  • Provide general data and fill out a medical questionnaire.
  • Cover the payment of the annual fee.



 Each insured’s annual fee to be covered in advance is determined depending on the applicant’s age.

Age Range Annual Fee
0-19 $ 6,200.00
20-29 $ 7,650.00
30-39 $ 8,250.00
40-49 $ 9,550.00
50-59 $ 9,950.00
60-69 $ 13,800.00
70-79 $ 14,350.00
80 and older  $ 14,850.00

Fees effective as of March 1, 2021.


 Steps for the procedure

  1. Start the procedure

Verify that the address that you have registered with the IMSS is up-to-date.

  1. Health questionnaire

Answer a history of illnesses. Knowing past diseases is an essential piece of information to know the current health status of you and your family.

  1. Enter family data

Register the data of the relatives you want to insure. They can be wife (or) or concubine (life partner), children, father, mother, or your additional relatives, such as grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, cousins, nephews, and uncles.

  1. Confirm your data

Verify that your data and that of your family are correct.

  1. Receive result

Obtain the proof of the procedure and the capture lines to make the annual payment and obtain the Incorporation to the Family Health Insurance.

Medical questionnaire


























Pets and Mexico Real Estate Part II

As promised, here is the second part of Pets and Mexico Real Estate

Pets and Mexico

Taking Your Pet For A Walk

Let’s not forget about the surrounding amenities that will contribute to you and your pet’s
daily activities. The Riviera Maya is one of the most pet-friendly destinations in Mexico. They go out of the way to provide as many accommodating amenities as possible. Pet owners can walk their dogs practically anywhere in the Riviera Maya as long as they are on a leash.

There are several doggy or kitty parks and walking trails in and around the area. Some public beaches along the Riviera Maya’s beautiful coastline do allow dogs. However, it would be better to check for specific hours and requirements beforehand.

Remember your pet paws

The Riviera Maya’s terrain can heat up to incredibly high temperatures. With this said, be
careful that your dog’s paws don’t get burned on the different surfaces along the Riviera
Maya. You might want to consider purchasing ‘paw pads’ before relocating. It is an unspoken rule amongst pet owners to always maintain a reasonable amount of pet control. Keeping your pet on a leash and staying out of pet-restricted areas make everyone’s life that much easier.

Veterinarians, Clinics and Hospitals.

Medical care is an essential factor when relocating to a new country. This is not only true for humans but for their four-legged companions as well. Therefore, having access to doctors, clinics and hospitals is a vital part of life. Here is a list of several Veterinarians and Clinics in and around the Rivera Maya area.● Petventiva Vet & Shop is a veterinarian clinic in Akumal that also offers pet supplies.
● Clinica Veterinaria & Sanimal Clinica Veterinaria offers Veterinarian and clinic services in Playa del Carmen.
● La Vet Veterinaria Hospital serves all of the Riviera Maya towns and communities.
● Veterinaria Pet Gar is a Veterinarian office in Puerto Morelos that serves the local area.
● Cozumel Pet Center is a Veterinaria facility with a small clinic on the Island of Cozumel.
● Vet Pet Tulum & Animal Care Plaza are 2 Veterinarian Clinics that are in Tulum.

These are just a few of the Veterinarian clinics that provide quality care in the Riviera Maya. When you establish your home base, take a few days to visit these or any other offices you might find in your area.

Pet Sitters
There could come a time when you may need to attend a special event or an important
meeting, however your pet can’t be in attendance. In this particular situation, you will need a pet sitter or walker. You have two options; they are to ask for references or do your own investigating. There are several pet sitters you can call and arrange for an interview. They are in no specific order :The Dog Walker Playa, Ami Dogs Playa del Carmen, and Dog’s Paradise (Cozumel). These three entities have a 4.6 star and above rating.

Pet Hotels
If the time ever comes where you need to be out of town for any period, several doggie hotels can take good care of your companion’s every need. Here are a few places that you could check out beforehand.
● Animal House – Playa del Carmen [4.6 stars]
● Cozumel Dog Sitter and Day Care Center [5.0 stars]
● Perrininis Nanny VIP – Pet Boarding Services [4.5 stars]

With just a little bit of effort, pets and Mexico real estate can live in harmony. People who relocated with their furry friends can create new and exciting adventures. You can walk on some of the world’s finest beaches and explore miles of unspoiled landscape. Let’s not forget Mexico’s welcoming culture and historical traditions.

Pets and Mexico Real Estate Part I

Pets and Real Estate in Mexico

Many people include their pets in everything they do. They are a part of the family’s nucleus and are allowed to join in on most activities. When pet owners go shopping and/or run errands, they patronize pet-friendly places. It is not uncommon to see people traveling or going on vacation with their pets in tow. Throughout the decades, the hospitality industry, including food service and retailers, have readjusted their pet policies. There are still certain restrictions in place, but times are changing for our four-legged friends.

Animals and especially dogs and cats have been present since the beginning of time. It has been a historical tradition that families with kids are more likely to have pets than those who don’t. In the same token, some empty nesters grew accustomed to having a pet around the house. It seems as we get older, having a four-legged companion makes for good company.

However, what happens if you want to relocate? And let’s say that move is south of the border! You might want to know a few things about pets and Mexico real estate. It really isn’t that big of an issue when wanting to take your favorite companion(s) along with you. Pets can help you cope with anxiety when experiencing a life-changing adventure. They are always there to lend unconditional support, comfort, and confidence.

Pets and Mexico Beach

The following paragraphs will hopefully provide some basic information that will make your transition that much easier.

Documentation Needed to Bring a Pet Into Mexico

Beginning December 16, 2019, a certified certificate of health for your pet(s) is no longer needed to enter Mexico. However, this doesn’t mean you can casually come across the border and go on your merry way. The pet’s owner must proceed to Mexico’s Agricultural Health Inspection Office (OISA) for a brief inspection of the animal. The following procedures are required before official entry is allowed.

1. When you arrive at Mexico’s port-of-entry, the dog(s) and/or cat(s) must be in a clean cage(s) or carrier(s).
2. Before granted permission to cross the border, the pet(s) must be inspected and cleared for the following:
● Show no symptoms of infection are diseases.
● The animal shows no signs of ectoparasites.
● The animal has no signs of wounds or has any previous wounds healing.

Here are a few other important facts that will provide you with an easy transition.
● If your pet has an aggressive personality, you might want to consider a muzzle.
● It isn’t a bad idea to have your pet’s documented shots and medical history.
● You can only have that days’ worth of food for your pet when entering Mexico.

You can also contact Mexico’s OISA ahead of time if you have any questions or concerns. The numbers and website are 01 (55) 5905-1000 or 1 (800) 987-9879 –

Air Traveling With Your Pet 
Most airlines do accept traveling with pets, but like everything else, there are certain restrictions. Here are a few basic policies throughout the airline industry.

● The size of your pet will determine if it can travel in the cabin or the cargo hold.
1. The cabin can accommodate smaller dogs in a travel carrier that fits under the seat.
2. Larger dogs will fly in the cargo hold in an approved carrier.
● No matter the pet’s size, it must fly in the cargo hold if the flight lasts longer than 8
* Please note, it is always better to consult with your airline of choice regarding taking a pet on your trip.

Traveling pets

Finding A Suitable Property
Once you have decided to relocate to Mexico, finding the ideal home for both you and your furry companion will begin. There has to be a happy medium when looking for a place where pets and Mexico real estate come together. You should address several specific requirements before touring properties with a qualified agent. Here are a few suggestions:

● Would there be enough room for you and your pet to live comfortably?
● Is the complex – building – community pet-friendly?
● Is the home’s flooring pet-friendly?
● Are there any areas where your pet can get out and stretch its legs?

Other considerations like having a balcony, garden or patio, appropriate furnishings, and the ease of maintenance should be part of your buying criteria as well. These are just a few suggestions that might narrow down your search for that perfect home a little easier.

When researching potential homes, you might want to consider a free-standing home
seriously. The advantages would be more room and having a private outdoor space. The disadvantage would require more overall upkeep. The benefit of a condo would be less upkeep regarding landscape and building maintenance. However, depending on the size of your pet could dictate the space you need to spread out and play. You may find both types of homes in a variety of communities.

To be continued in Pets and Mexico Real Estate Part II…

Riviera Maya’s Top 5 Beaches to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day

On February 14th, better known as Valentine’s Day, couples will celebrate their love for one another. It also provides an opportunity for Cupid’s arrow to put together a magical relationship between two individuals. This romantic holiday is celebrated with a special dinner date, red roses, and let’s not forget the most precious gift of all, diamonds! This could include a surprise trip to an exotic destination with gorgeous beaches, beautiful scenery, and fantastic weather for the more adventurous couples.

Suppose you choose the “Exotic Destination” option for that special loved one. In that case, we have a few suggestions that you might want to consider. Arranging a surprise getaway can offer a memorable time that you and your partner can share forever. That’s why spending Valentine’s Day on one of the Riviera Maya’s top 5 beach destinations can prove to be a great choice. What better way than to spend a few days soaking up some rays and taking a refreshing dip in the Caribbean Sea’s tempered water?

Mexico’s Rivera Maya is a well-known vacation mecca that appeals to sun-seekers looking for a place to relax and forget about all the world’s problems. What makes the Riviera Maya a popular choice? Here are five reasons why you and your special mate should experience a place where many consider being the ultimate paradise here on earth.

Caleta Tankah Beach

This hidden gem is just north of Tulum off Federal Highway 307. Its rustic feel and the lack of many modern amenities keep the typical tourist at bay. Besides having sugar-fine white sand and beautiful turquoise water, Caleta Tankah Beach has a naturally formed cave that offers a cenote where you can take a refreshing dip. You can also explore several trails while enjoying the breathtaking landscape. There is a local beach club that has a full-service bar and restaurant. There is also a beachfront hotel that has enough room for almost any occasion. If you are looking for a place to escape? Caleta Tankah Beach could be your best option!

Bahía Soliman Beach

When trying to find some information regarding Bahia Soliman Beach, chances are you probably won’t come up with much. If you are looking for a beach lined with loud bars and exotic restaurants, this isn’t the place for you. However, suppose crystal clear turquoise water that brushes against soft white sand sounds more like your style. In that case, Bahia Soliman Beach could be just what the doctor ordered! Here is where you can escape the crowds. Why not spend a quiet day lying on the beach, snorkeling along the reef, and exploring the lush tropical surroundings? Bahia Soliman Beach is minutes from Tulum and Akumal. Do yourselves a favor and live life as it was meant to be.

Puerto Aventuras

If an ideal Valentine’s Day includes an exciting mix of activities, Puerto Aventuras may be the place for you! This gated community has something for everybody. After enjoying a great round of golf, you can satisfy your appetite and enjoy a refreshing beverage in the town square. There are a few resorts, a beach club hotel, and a variety of condos to rent. The glistening white sand beaches nestled around several crescent shape bays play host to calm waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Puerto Aventuras also has an exclusive harbor that offers a variety of day trips and sunset tours. What a great place for a Valentine’s Day getaway!

Xcacel and Xcacelito

Just 40-minutes south of Playa del Carmen is one of the Riviera Maya’s most pristine stretches of beach. Xcacel Beach serves as a nesting sanctuary for Loggerhead and White Sea Turtles. On the north end of the beach is a protected reef where you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling. Just steps away from the Caribbean Sea is Xcacelito – a freshwater cenote surrounded by an unspoiled jungle. The only amenities available are restrooms and showers. So, bring your own towels, food, and water, and personal necessities. This particular park is an eco-friendly destination. This is a great place to enjoy nature in its actual state.

Punta Allen

Punta Allen is a small fishing village located at the tip of a very narrow peninsula and the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. This rustic location with its sand streets, home-based stores and restaurants, and its somewhat primitive infrastructure is what Mexico was all about before tourism. If you are a bird watcher or ‘flats’ fisherman, there is no lack of sport here. There are also plenty of virgin beaches and tropical terrain to explore. If you and your partner are experienced hikers, naturalists, and/or adventure seekers, this could be your ideal trip! This could also be an excellent opportunity to spend a couple of nights in Tulum.

Taking the time to spend Valentine’s Day on one of the Riviera Maya’s top 5 beaches will bring plenty of memorable times. These and many other beach paradises can be a fabulous place to relax and enjoy time with that special someone. The Riviera Maya and its beautiful coastal shores will create an everlasting experience for those who want to enjoy life and all it has to offer. Top Mexico Real Estate wants to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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