Why Picking a Paint Color for your House in Mexico is so Hard

Picking a paint color for your home in Mexico can be a challenging task. There are infinite options, and for many of us, it can be overwhelming to choose. Here are some tips to help you choose the right color for your home!

Begin with a reference point

Do you have a piece of art that you love? A throw pillow with a cute design that you like? A photograph of a cherished memory? Use this as a starting point for inspiration. Take a look at all your most treasured possessions and see if any colors show up consistently. You can also get inspired by the bright colors that abound in Mexico.

Keep it simple


Sometimes it can be hard to narrow it down to just one color – and that’s okay! It can look great to have more than one color in a room. However, you will want to keep it to no more than three, with a maximum of two bold colors and one neutral to tie it all together.
If you know that you want to stick to just a light wash of color, grey tends to look better than beige and is more flexible, as there are more variations and tones to choose from the grey family, while beige tones are more limited.
Remember though, that there are more neutral colors than just grey and beige – black, brown, olive and blue also fall into this category. Blue might not seem like a neutral color, but just think about how well your blue denim jeans go with all the rest of your tops and blouses!

If you want to go big, then start big

If you feel drawn to Frida Kahlo’s Blue house or Legorreta’s bright pinks and yellows and you know that you want your home to have some bold colors, start with those. Then choose the rest of your palette with that first color in mind. Also, you will want to make sure that you are considerate of all the undertones that exist in paint and colors. For example, if you are interested in having a bright yellow wall, you’ll want to ensure that there are no yellow tones in the white, grey or beige that you pair it with. Otherwise, they will reflect off each other.

Test your hypothesis

Most paint stores will offer testers – small samples of paint colors that you can put on your wall to see how it works with the light in your home. Just ensure that you paint a large enough area on the wall so you can see its true tone.
Consider painting a large poster board as well that you can hold up next to your furniture and decorations. This will ensure the colors and undertones are consistent.

Everything can be fixed

If in the end, you decide that you don’t actually like the color you chose, don’t worry! You can always paint over it.

Picking a paint color is fun

One of the best things about painting your home is how it can transform the entire look with just a simple, fresh coat of paint. Whatever you choose, just ensure that you feel happy and comfortable picking a paint color!

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The Easiest Way to Start a Collective Compost

Making Collective Compost

In this post, we ponder the reasons for making compost, the taboos around it, the types of compost, how they are made and what materials they carry. We review examples of collective composts and how the community can put it in practice, generating neighbor participation, and where everyone can enjoy the benefits.

In recent years, making compost is a trend, but perhaps we are not entirely clear about why to make compost or what possibilities there are if you live in a condominium.

Why do we compost

Although it seems very obvious, making compost is a way to recycle organic waste, reduce the garbage that ends up in the municipal dumps, and generate reusable fertile soil. And why you would like to produce soil?

In some places, such as the Riviera Maya, the quality of the soil is poor. And it is common to buy black soil or soil with leaf for gardening. However, this soil is taken out of the woods, and this causes soil erosion. Plus, it’s expensive. Instead, if we generate our soil, we avoid contributing to erosion, and  we can even sell the composted soil and make a profit from “the garbage.”


Some people choose not to do compost because they fear that they will have bad smells and attract rats, cockroaches or flies, among other insects. However, a well-made compost is odor-free and unattractive to insects or animals.

Types of compost

In practical terms, there are two main types of compost: aerobic and anaerobic. As their names indicate, to generate aerobic compost, you require oxygen. For the anaerobic, you don’t. You can make compost manually, or you may use some ecotechnology.   

What to use to make a compost

The materials that a good aerobic compost must have are the following: 

  • 50% to 70% organic compounds and vegetable waste. This waste could be pruning leaves, water lilies or paper,  fruits, and vegetable waste. 
  • About 10% of dry matter (sawdust, cardboard, or bark of trees). 
  • 10% of soil that allows the formation of humus. 
  • And, 10% lime or charcoal that provides phosphorus and calcium as fertilizer.
  • Water, just enough to make it moist 

You must avoid some materials to create a classic compost. For example, glass, plastic, meat or remains of bones, metals, chemicals, some citrus fruit that are too acidic or weeds.

How to make compost

Although there are many ways to make compost, there are 5 basic steps:

  1. Place a layer of vegetable waste, cover with 4 to 6 in of dry matter. Then add fruit or vegetable waste, enough water to make it moist but not wet, fertilizer, and a layer of soil, and finally, you add water again. If your compost pile looks too damp and smells, add more dry matters. 
  2. Stir all the materials until you get a homogeneous mixture. Stir the mixture every time you sprinkle to aerate it.
  3. Cover the whole mix to lower the temperature.
  4. Check it daily to ensure that the temperature at the center of the compost is kept between 130 and 150 F. Sprinkle water over the pile regularly, so it has the consistency of a damp sponge. 
  5. Wait until the microorganisms generate humus, and the soil is ready. It will be dark, and with a pleasant smell of wet earth. It may take approximately three months to one year to get it ready. However, it really depends on the weather and temperature of the place you are.

Collective composts

Can you imagine living in an area where the whole community makes compost and that it also generates benefits for everyone?

It already exists. In France, in the cities of Toulouse and Nantes, the municipality gives each building three large wooden containers, individual biodegradable bags for the organic waste of each house, dry matter, and other components. They also assign an expert to advise participating neighbors.

France-Compost planters

Compost planters in France

The first container is to collect organic waste. The second, for dry materials. Finally, the third one is to ripen the compost mix. Once ready, it is distributed among the neighbors for the community gardens or even for private use.

In Mexico, there are also places where people make collective compost with the support of municipal management. For instance, in the community of Capulhuac, Estado de Mexico, the program collects organic waste three times a week from the households, markets, and shops. They have a compost plant where they place the trash in piles and remove inorganic garbage. Then they water the compost and let it rest for six months. Later, they add vermicompost (worm earth). Finally, when it is ready, they sell it to farmers, to other municipalities, and they give it to the people for domestic use in their own gardens.

However, to sustain a successful collective compost program, people’s participation is crucial. So, this is one more reason to start the habit of separating the trash properly!

 Containers to separate trash

Containers to spare waste

What about the Riviera Maya

In the Riviera Maya, sustainable communities are emerging more and more. We support actions such as sorting our garbage so that our locality is a reference in the responsible treatment of waste. There is still a long way to go. But we have to take the first step towards sustainability.

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Hurricane Season in Riviera Maya and How to Prepare for it

Hurricane Season

For those that live or work on the East Coast of North America, familiarity with hurricane season is nothing new. It goes from May to November. Each year, the warm waters of the southern Atlantic Ocean give rise to tropical storms and hurricanes. These weather events often complete their life cycle without ever touching land. However, in case they do, it is vital that we are all prepared to weather the storm!

Hurricane Season in Riviera Maya


Although hurricane season officially ends on November 30, the majority of storms develop between July and October. These storms can cause flash flooding, dangerous winds, treacherous surf and rip currents, as well as other hazardous conditions.

Whether you are planning to live in the Riviera Maya or you already live here, there are some things you would have to think about for the hurricane season.

Danger can be imminent during the cyclone. Still, the effects of flooding and other infrastructure damage often last for days or weeks afterward. These factors may result in the closure of airports or roads, and the loss of electricity, phone and internet service. So, how can you be prepared for these kinds of severe weather events?

Be Ready

Follow these key steps to ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe during a hurricane:

  1. Make sure that you and your household have an emergency plan. And, with that in mind, ensure that all of you can answer the following four questions:
    1. How will you receive emergency alerts and warnings?
    2. Do you have a plan for shelter?
    3. Is there any plan for evacuation?
    4. What is your plan for communicating during or after the storm?
  2. Ensure that you register with your country’s embassy or consulate. If you are a US Citizen or resident, you can enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive messages, updates, and other information. If you are a Canadian citizen or resident, connect with Registration of Canadians Abroad for the same service.
  3. Keep your travel documents in a safe place. Make sure they are up-to-date so you can grab them in a hurry. Consider keeping them inside a waterproof bag or container for extra protection.Hurricane season
  4. Keep a hurricane kit at home with essential items for weathering the storm. The recommended rule of thumb is that you have enough supplies for 72 hours without the need for outside resources. It’s recommended to include a flashlight and a battery operated radio in this emergency kit. If you have a pet, remember that you need to pack food and water for them as well. Also, ensure that you are ready for any specific needs of your household. For instance, prepare any special dietary requirements, prescription medication, or translations of key phrases if you do not speak Spanish.
  5. Monitor the US National Hurricane Centre for constant updates on storm activity and emergency response. You may also follow the Mexican National Meteorological Service.
  6. Keep your friends and family up-to-date and ensure they know you are safe, when possible.

The most crucial aspect is to be prepared and communicate your plans to everyone in your family. Due to climate change, extreme weather events can be expected to happen more frequently, and with higher intensity. So it’s crucial that we do what we can to be prepared for such an event.

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Snorkeling: Best Places to do it in the Riviera Maya

There are many thrilling activities to do when you’re in the Riviera Maya. One of the most interesting and refreshing is snorkeling! And there is no shortage of places for you to indulge.

So, what is snorkeling?

Snorkeling is the practice of swimming in water using a diving mask, a snorkel, and often wearing fins as well. This equipment allows you to swim through the water while keeping your head underwater. Therefore, you may observe the incredible nature that often hides below the surface!

Does this sound like something you may want to do? Here are some of the best places to go when you’re in the Riviera Maya.

Underwater museum_Snorkeling

MUSA Underwater Museum

Located in Cancun, this is one of the most magical places you could experience snorkeling. The original intention for its creation was an eco-project to extend the natural reef. As a result, this underwater museum has now over 470 life-sized sculptures. Besides, it provides habitat for thousands of aquatic species.

Punta Nizuc

Also in Cancun, this experience is a bit more natural. The water is calm and is home to some of the most colorful coral in the area! You may also see starfish, lobsters, giant sea fans and rays which are very common to this area.

Snorkeling Turtles AkumalAkumal

If you are a fan of sea turtles then you will want to go to Akumal for snorkeling. Sightings of turtles are common year-round in this popular snorkeling spot. Here you won’t find white sand under the water but rather lush fields of seagrass (sea turtles’ favorite meal!). You’ll also see pufferfish, parrotfish, manta rays. Furthermore, there is an incredible assortment of underwater flora such as anemones and sea fans.

Puerto Morelos

This is an exceptional place to go snorkeling. The reason: the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef system comes closer to shore here than anywhere else in the Riviera Maya. In 1998, president Ernesto Zedillo designated it as a protected area. Therefore, you will have to go through a tour company to have a guided tour of the reef. Prepare to see barracudas, sea horses, lobsters, stingrays, and incredible fire coral.

Puerto Morelos Snorkeling

Kantun Chi

Consider visiting Kantun Chi in Puerto Aventuras if you are not keen on swimming in the open ocean. Or maybe you prefer to experience something different. This is an exotic place in the jungle. Indeed, it is a collection of several cenotes inside a cave network. There you can snorkel and take in the natural beauty of the caverns.

Before you head out to snorkel, make sure you have a plan in place! Most of these locations offer guided tours and equipment rentals. However, if you have experience snorkeling, you may explore on your own.

Whatever the case, be sure to be safe. Be respectful of the environment, that way everyone else can enjoy it after you for ages to come!

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Family Activities in the Riviera Maya

Family Activities in the Riviera Maya

One of the best things about the Riviera Maya is that there is something for everybody! If you prefer quiet relaxation on the beach, you can find a spot on the unending miles of pristine white sand beaches. If you’d rather go out to town, you can find any number of restaurants and bars with great food and drinks. And if you have a family, there is no shortage of kid-friendly fun throughout the region. You will find plenty of family activities!

 Xel Ha family activities

Theme Parks

The Riviera Maya is full of exciting and fun theme parks that are fun for everyone! If you enjoy exploring nature, you might want to check out Xcaret Eco Park or Xel Ha Natural Aquarium. There you can swim with animals or go ziplining through the lush forest. In addition, you might want to check out Xenses that’s based around toying with your senses! These parks are fantastic and full of family activities, even those with babies or toddlers because you can set your schedule and pace. And often kids under five are free!

The Zoo

There are a few zoos in the area, including Corocun Zoo. You can find animals native to the Riviera Maya there. Therefore, you will see monkeys, crocodiles, lizards, birds, deer, and coatis. Besides, if you or your family love birds especially, you might be more interested in the Playacar Aviary Xaman-Ha where you can see flamingos, egrets, parrots, pelicans, toucans and more. And as a bonus, children under 12 enter for free!

Family activities

Movie Theatre

If the weather has turned and you’re looking for something to do, you can always go see a movie! Usually, theaters show cartoons dubbed into Spanish. On the other hand, live-action films are often in English with Spanish subtitles so it could be a good option. There are three theatres just in Playa del Carmen, and they are easy to find in any major city in the area.

Family activities 3d MuseumMuseums

Another great activity for rainy days is visiting one of the many museums in the area. Did you know that Playa del Carmen is home to the largest 3D museum in the world? Moreover, the 3D Museum of Wonders is full of fun illusions that are revealed when you take pictures and become part of the art yourself. You could also visit the Frida Kahlo museum on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen or the Museum of Prehistory Tulum. This museum is dedicated to promoting fantastic Ice Age artifacts which have been found over the years in the various caves and cenotes of the Riviera Maya.

Whatever your interests, the Riviera Maya has something for you to do!

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Sargasso? Riviera Maya has much more for you!

Sargasso? The Riviera Maya has much more activities for you!

If you’ve visited the beaches in the Riviera Maya in the mornings, you’ve probably noticed the piles of sargasso littering the sand. This free-floating seaweed has been experiencing a boom in recent years due to warmer ocean waters caused by climate change. There are many initiatives underway to reduce this litter, but in the meantime, if you find the beach too cluttered, here are some other thrilling activities you that you can do.


Day Trips

Wherever you are in the Riviera Maya, the network of highways and roads can get you to a variety of places. In those cities, towns and other locales you can experience traditional Mexican and Mayan culture. You could explore a large city like Merida to see how modern Mexican culture blends with the history of the region or a small village like El Cuyo for a more sleepy and quaint experience. Just be sure you know where you’re going and have a map, because there may not be cell service!


Mayan Ruins

If you love to learn about history, there are plenty of ruins you can to explore in the Riviera Maya. Chichen-Itza is a must-see for anyone who has not yet been. Not to mention that it is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Moreover, this archeological site is one of the most stunning and well-preserved examples of Mayan history. However, if you have already been there that you can explore many other sites. Uxmal is another amazing option that showcases a different style than Chichen Itza. You may also consider Coba. Although the ruins there are quite spread out you can rent a bike to explore at your leisure!

Eco Adventures

Throughout the Riviera Maya, you can find Eco Adventure parks. There you can seek thrills by riding ATVs and zip lines; you can explore tree walks and hanging bridges, and go swimming in cenotes! There are large theme parks where you can go and try several different adventurous activities at your leisure. Otherwise, if you’re with a group of friends and family, you can book private tours that blend together a variety of excursions. Often, there are different options for different abilities so that you can find something for everyone!

Punta Laguna Zipline

Photo by Wiz Tours

Food and Drink

Of course, when you want to relax and recharge, there are few things more fulfilling than sharing a delicious meal and drinks with good company. All through the Riviera Maya, you’ll be able to find countless options for refreshments. Street stands sell tacos all day, or you can try other street foods like elotes and esquites or marquesitas. Also, there are many restaurants, big and small, where you can find traditional Mexican food. Furthermore, you may find specialties from other parts of the Americas like Brazil or Argentina. And don’t forget to try traditional Mexican drinks like horchata or tamarindo!


No matter what your hobbies or preferences sargasso is not a problem, you can be sure that the Riviera Maya has an activity for you! 

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Weekend Getaway: El Cuyo, Yucatan

It’s time for another weekend getaway! This week let’s travel to El Cuyo in Yucatan – a remote fishing village on the tip of the peninsula, known for its incredible flora and fauna.

El-Cuyo, Yucatan

What is El Cuyo?

El Cuyo is a small village, located on the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, inside the Rio Lagartos National Park – a region known for the thousands of flamingos that call the area home, along with sea turtles and other sea birds. Surrounded by nature and located in a remote area, the center of town is just one square, and many of the streets are unpaved. This sleepy village is exceptionally safe and a great place to relax and recharge, away from the hustle and bustle of the larger cities.


How to get to El Cuyo

You will definitely want a car to travel to El Cuyo as it is in a remote area of the Yucatan peninsula.

If you are driving from Playa del Carmen, you will need to leave Playa via the Playa-Nuevo XCan Highway and travel towards Holbox. Once you arrive at Kantunilkin, you will take a left to go towards Colonia Yucatan and then to the right towards El Cuyo. It is a two-and-a-half hour drive, but you will pass through small delightful Mayan villages and fields where you can stop and take pictures or purchase small homemade goods.

If you are coming from Merida, you should travel via Tizimin and then follow the instructions through Colonia Yucatan.

Some small colectivo vans travel between Tizimin and El Cuyo; however there are no set schedules, so you will want to ensure your timing options are flexible should you be traveling without a car.


What to do while you’re there

As a small fishing village, there are no large resorts or name-brand hotels in El Cuyo. However, there are many cabanas in town that you may be able to rent once you arrive. There is poor cell service and internet in El Cuyo so you will want to ensure that you have a plan in place beforehand!

With such a small native population of only 1,700, you can rest assured that you will have no problem finding the perfect spot on the endless miles of white sand beaches in El Cuyo to relax and recharge. For those that love to sunbathe and unwind on the shore, you will not be disappointed here.

If you prefer to have more vigorous activities, there are also plenty of options for you as well! El Cuyo is the perfect spot to go out with some real fishermen and try your hand at catching some grub while enjoying the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

If you don’t like to fish, but you do love to be on the water, you might be interested in renting a kayak, and rowing through the mangroves where you will be able to catch a glimpse of some of the incredible nature and wildlife of the area. Thousands of flamingos, sea birds and sea turtles inhabit this area and are a vision you will not want to miss.

Whatever you decide, be sure to you take the time to observe and learn about the culture and experience in this authentic rural Mexican village!

Remember, at Top Mexico Real Estate … we make it happen!

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Riviera Maya, Best Diving Experience!

Riviera Maya offers a diverse dive-site portfolio for scuba diving, from big-animal encounters to western Caribbean coral reefs.

Parallel to the coast, there’s the Mesoamerican Reef, the largest in the Northern Hemisphere, and the second longest of the planet. Not only in the sea, but also at the jungle there are a significant number of cenotes to explore by diving. Hence, there are no questions about why Riviera Maya is one of the best dive destinations in the world.

Deep Dive

Experience the Deep. Riviera Maya’s warm and clear waters provide the perfect location to perform this awesome activity.

Best diving experience

Diving with Sharks

You may encounter sharks in warm, shallow waters. Between November and March, they are present at only a 5-minute boat ride from Playa del Carmen. Shark feeding experience has become a must in this season.

Wall Diving

There are three main reef systems in front of Puerto Aventuras. Also, nearby Cozumel there are spectacular walls and dramatic drops into the big blue.

Night Dive

Night diving is an experience that yields a large assortment of diving possibilities that you will not find when diving during the day. During a typical dive in the day, you can see all around you, But at night you can only see where you point with your light source.

Night diving invites you to see a whole new world underwater. While some underwater creatures retreat to bed for the evening, others begin their day when the sun goes down.

Therefore the experience of night diving at the Riviera Maya is entirely different because there are many creatures and fish that are usually active only as the sun goes down.


Cave and Cavern Diving

Diving in the cenotes of Riviera Maya is a unique experience that attracts divers from around the world. The cenotes are flooded underground rivers and caves (the ancient Mayans believed they were the entrance to the underworld).

Best-Diving- Experience

Diving with Sea Turtles

Sea turtles have been swimming the oceans for millions of years. For instance, the coastline of Riviera Maya is a significant nesting area for the green turtle and the loggerhead turtle.

From May until September they come up the shore to lay an average of 120 eggs per nest on the beaches of the destination. Consequently, there is a fair chance to encounter several of these endangered animals.

Best Diving- Experience

Snorkeling with Whale Sharks

These giants of the sea migrate every year to the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula where they feed & breed. The season starts in May and ends in September. Swimming with the largest non-mammalian vertebrate that exists has become one of the significant spotlights, beyond imagination.

Snorkeling with Sailfish

Every year in the winter season, the Mexican Caribbean becomes the home of the fastest fish in the ocean: the sailfish. They can reach a speed of 120 km per hour. They get their name because of their spectacular dorsal fin, which is almost as long but a lot higher than their body. Due to the abundance of sardines that swim in vast schools, you may find sailfish in this area.

The prior are only a few reasons that make the Riviera Maya the best diving destination. It may be an excellent point to consider for retiring in the Riviera Maya!

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Six Steps to Get Ready for Retirement

Who are you? A life-long adventurer for whom retirement and relocation are just another opportunity to clear out the lumber in the attic? Or a senior executive concerned about losing your status and connections, and perhaps even the goals that drive you, in a whole new world? Retirement should be fun. It should bring new challenges and new possibilities. Especially if it means leaving everything you know behind and starting that Mexican Caribbean lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. So, pack up and move to the Riviera Maya for retirement. But first, here are six ways to get ready for retirement.

Take charge

Mexico Retirement

‘Retiree’ is a very passive word. As if all the decisions are made by your employer, leaving you with nothing to do but watch the grass grow. The first step to an active retirement is to explore your options and clarify your own expectations. Become an active ‘retirer’!


There are some very obvious questions here. Do you have a steady income from savings, investments and pensions? Or do you plan to carry on working from your new home? Are you sure that you can comfortably cover your cost of living and accommodation? What about medical expenses? There is plenty of advice out there for the careful planner. For the free spirit, the alternative is to sell up, move out, and leave the rest to fate.


The timing of your retirement may also depend on financial calculations. But it’s affected by lifestyle choices too. Early retirement may be affordable although it produces a smaller pension, but gives you more time to enjoy and explore. And there’s plenty to explore on and around the Riviera Maya.


Move to Playa del Carmen

Here on the Riviera Maya we are blessed with a great climate, wonderful beaches, mysterious jungle ruins and easy access to the rest of the world from the Cancun International Airport. There are expats here who have no intention of ever going back to their native countries. But you might have to factor in the need to get back home in an emergency – elderly friends and relatives or your own medical care, for example, or just to be with your grandchildren.


Here’s where our expertise comes in. There’s a very wide range of property for sale or let along Riviera Maya, including beach-front villas, gated condos, independent houses and apartments of all sizes. Talk to us about your budget, the options you are looking for and investment in property to rent to other visitors, and we’ll match you up with affordable solutions.


Playa del Carmen

What are you looking forward to doing with your retirement? A busy, fruitful social life, perhaps offering your skills to charity work? A quiet time with the occasional round of golf? Catching up on the books you haven’t read or the places you haven’t visited? Scuba diving or game fishing? Riviera Maya offers all these options and more. Make a priority list. It may just be a blank piece of paper with ‘Have Fun!’ scrawled across it, but the more you can tell us about your probable needs, the better we can help you find the right location and type of accommodation.

6 Reasons to Move to Playa del Carmen Right Now

Mexico is seen as a heavenly country by many people. Its turquoise sea, white sandy beaches, and year-round sunshine largely contribute to such a flattering title. Lately, Americans have been leaving their homes and making the move to Playa del Carmen. What urges a person to suddenly leave everything and move to another country? Why has moving to Playa del Carmen become so popular in recent years? And what will you gain by making such a daring move and relocating to this charming place? As a leading real estate company in Mexico, we will give you an answer to all of these questions and show you how grand life in Playa del Carmen can be.

You will lower your cost of living when you move to Playa del Carmen

Beach Sunset

Doesn’t it feel like life keeps getting more and more expensive with each year that passes? Of course, as you get older, your expenses keep piling up, and so does your cost of living. Did you know that, for an average American family, the move to Playa del Carmen comes with a lower cost of living by nearly ninety percent? This is not a negligible number we are talking about. Saving ninety percent of your income means that you have much more money to spend as you see fit. Whether you want to save, invest or splurge, it will all be possible after moving to this lovely coastal town. What most of our clients are doing, of course, is investing in real estate to own a piece of paradise in this gorgeous fishing town.

You get to dedicate your time to the things you like


Once you don’t have to spend a large portion of your hard-earned money on necessities such as utilities and groceries, you can finally start dedicating your time to more pleasurable things. You can start using your time and money for more recreational activities such as scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling or exploring nearby towns. You can also start blogging – something a lot of retirees in the region do. The free time you can gain will always be one of the most alluring things about the prospect of making the move to Playa del Carmen. We think there is nothing more to think about – just move to this heavenly place.

All the mouthwatering food will win you over

Mexican food

Can you imagine being able to get a perfect, tasty meal for as little as three dollars? It does sound unthinkable, yet it’s a part of Playa del Carmen’s daily life. If you are a foodie, you can rest assured all of your taste buds will be happy and pleased in this piece of heaven on Earth. By buying a property in Playa del Carmen, you truly get the best of both worlds – affordable prices and world-class quality of life. Whether that property will be a small studio or a beachside house is up to you and your finances!

Mexico is the country of great food and Playa del Carmen won’t disappoint.

This coastal town is righteously called a slice of heaven

Expats Retire Mexico

How many wonderful summer vacations have you had so far? After each one of them, didn’t you feel a slight depression about leaving the sunshine and coming back to work? This happens to more than 90 percent of people, which is why moving to Playa del Carmen seems so alluring. You get to lead a vacation lifestyle all the time. Suddenly, the endless blues become a part of your daily life and you get to enjoy sipping cocktails under a palm tree. Yes, Mexico is one of the best retirement locations worldwide (Merida being the leading city at the moment), but there is no reason to wait for a large part of your life to pass before you realize what you have been missing all along. Instead, take a leap of faith and make the move as soon as possible.

Slow down and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle

Retirement in Mexico

Time flies. Before you know it, the New Year has come and gone, and it’s already time for new festivities. No matter where you are living at the moment, we are pretty sure you are desperately trying to slow things down. And that’s what’s so alluring about Playa del Carmen. Here, people are not in any rush to get places. You will get a chance to enjoy the little things that previously eluded you, like sunsets, fresh air and the greenness of nature. If there is one thing we are sure of, it’s that it will take you little to no time to get used to this change in lifestyle.

The views in Playa del Carmen are breathtaking.

Getting to places around the world from Playa del Carmen is easy

Cancun International Airport

In the modern era, we get so many opportunities that were unimaginable just a few decades ago. Today, you can hop on a plane and be on another continent in a matter of hours. When people find out that Playa del Carmen conveniently has easy access to the Cancun International Airport, they get some much-needed reassurance that they have made the right decision. Even if they did have their doubts about moving here, they suddenly vanish. The reason behind this is simple. People love to feel like they are gifted with options and have the freedom to go where they want and when they want it. Especially back home to visit family. Moreover, the Cancun International Airport is often opening new routes to and from major cities around the world, making it easier to fly in and out of the region.

This truly is the place to be. So, move to Playa del Carmen today! It’s a coastal resort town whose people, food, and scenery will win you over. Whether you believe it or not, there are still places in the world where you can regain your faith in people and recharge your batteries. And Playa del Carmen is the perfect place to do so. Couple that with a beachside life and you get a place you will hardly ever want to leave.

So, whether you’re looking for your vacation or retirement home, start doing so now. Playa del Carmen offers thousands of listings suited for all types of preferences and budgets. And our Buyer’s Representatives will help you through the process every step of the way.

And remember, at Top Mexico Real Estate…we make it happen!

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Article by Betty White