Traveling Without a Car in the Riviera Maya


One of the best features of the Riviera Maya is the plethora of activities that you can find in the area. Whether it’s lounging on the beach, indulging in food and drink, exploring Mayan ruins or visiting the various parks in the area, there’s no shortage of things to do.  Continue reading

Family Activities in the Riviera Maya

 Family Activities in the Riviera Maya

One of the best things about the Riviera Maya is that there is something for everybody! If you prefer quiet relaxation on the beach, you can find a spot on the unending miles of pristine white-sand beaches.  Continue reading

Sargasso? Riviera Maya has much more for you!

Sargasso? The Riviera Maya has many more activities for you!

If you’ve visited the beaches in the Riviera Maya in the mornings, you’ve probably noticed the piles of sargasso littering the sand. This free-floating seaweed has been experiencing a boom in recent years due to warmer ocean waters caused by climate change.  Continue reading

Weekend Getaway: Sisal, Yucatan

It’s time for another weekend getaway, this time to Sisal, in the state of Yucatan. This quaint seaside town features a beautiful coastline, a charming main street full of bright colors and incredible nature sanctuaries.  Continue reading

Six Steps to Get Ready for Retirement

Who are you? A life-long adventurer for whom retirement and relocation are just another opportunity to clear out the lumber in the attic? Or a senior executive concerned about losing your status and connections, and perhaps even the goals that drive you, in a whole new world?  Continue reading

6 Reasons to Move to Playa del Carmen Right Now

Mexico is seen as a heavenly country by many people. Its turquoise sea, white sandy beaches, and year-round sunshine largely contribute to such a flattering title. Lately, Americans have been leaving their homes and making the move to Playa del CarmenContinue reading

What to do with your Loved One on Valentine’s Day in the Riviera Maya

Cancun and the Riviera Maya are the number one international destinations for Americans for Valentine’s Day. That’s a fact. Its white-sand beaches, stunning sunsets, and exciting activities, make the Riviera Maya an ideal location for a romantic getawayContinue reading