Top 25 Beaches in the Riviera Maya: A Day at Xaman-Ha Beach

Beach #4 on the Countdown to the Best Beach in the Riviera Maya: Xaman-Ha Beach

Playa del Carmen has plenty of beautiful beaches, some of them offer a urban vibe, some others are a little bit more rustic; but for sure there is something for everyone’s taste. Xaman-Ha is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Riviera Maya.

Xaman-Ha beach located in the exclusive Playacar I community, just south from the famous 5th Avenue and the pier where the ferries leave to Cozumel. Even though Playacar is a private gated community, anyone can access this beautiful beach and enjoy a day at the beach in this quiet area.

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Xaman-Ha Beach: General Information

Xaman-Ha is the perfect beach for a beer ad! With clear turquoise waters, incredibly fine white sand and small waves. You can enjoy the view of the sea, the ferries going back and forth to Cozumel and even the Island itself.

Spending a day at this beach is a good option, as you can bring food and drinks with you or you can relax on the beach for a while and when you get hungry you can walk to any of the nearby bars or restaurants. The access is free! Do not be discouraged by the security guards at the entrance of Playacar I as they will permit you to enter the community and walk to the beach or you can take a taxi.

Xaman-Ha Beach: Getting There

The easiest way to get there is to take a taxi, as the driver will deal with the security guards and drop you off by the water, another option is to walk to the beach, and pass under the dock.

Driving: If you have a car it is easy to get there. From the Federal Highway look for the entrance to Playacar, follow the signs for the beach. Keep in mind that parking spaces are limited, if you are going to the public beach in your car you might have to pay for parking.

Xaman-Ha Beach: Things To Do

  • The lack of waves makes it ideal to practice water sports like kayaking, snorkeling or paddle board
  • Relax, meditate or take a siesta… this a place to unwind.
  • Hop to Señor Frogs for a Margarita or two…
  • Enjoy the beautiful view of the ferries and Cozumel Island in the distance.

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Xaman-Ha Beach: Recommendations

  • Bring everything you need: towel, umbrella, chairs, food and drink. There are no shops in Playacar I but 5th Avenue is just a couple of blocks away.
  • There are no public restrooms in the area, the closest place is Señor Frog’s just by the pier; but the use of the restrooms are for customers only.
  • Make sure to bring some plastic bags to put all your trash in.

Xaman-Ha is one of our favorite beaches in the Riviera Maya, close to downtown Playa del Carmen and 5th Avenue; but quiet and not so crowded.

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Top 25 Beaches in the Riviera Maya: A Day at Reef Beach

Beach #14 on the Countdown to the Best Beach in the Riviera Maya: The Reef Beach

Many of the amazing resorts along the Riviera Maya have beautiful and breathtaking beaches. Unfortunately, although the beaches are public, accesses tend to be private, so it is hard to reach them unless you are a guest of the hotel. However, many of these big resorts want to give everyone – not just their guests – the beach resort experience they can offer.

That is why you will find day passes and night passes at most big resorts down the coast of the beautiful Mexican Caribbean. And The Reef Playacar is no exception. The Playacar neighborhood is located in the south end of Playa del Carmen and hosts some of the most beautiful beaches you can find in the Riviera Maya.

Because Playacar is a private community, you need to address that you are visiting The Reef Resort and that you are going for a Day Pass so they let you through. The Day Pass has a cost of $53 USD per person and gives you full access to the hotel’s facilities – including, but not limited to – the pool and beach club. Meals and drinks are included throughout the day (9am to 6pm). If you are looking to enjoy an experience worth hundreds of dollars for a much lower price, then The Reef Playacar Day Pass is the resort to go to.

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The Reef Beach: Getting There

As mentioned above, the Reef Beach is located within the private community of Playacar, which is located in the south end of Playa del Carmen. There are two entrances to Playacar; one on the Federal Highway 309, the other one is on 10th Avenue.

Driving: To reach the 10th Avenue entrance from Cancun, you need to take the Federal Highway 309 towards Playa del Carmen. Upon arriving in Playa del Carmen, you will pass the overpass bridge until reaching a stoplight where you will see Centro Maya to the right, and Sam’s Club to the left. At the stoplight make a U-turn and drive to the outside lanes. Take a right at the Holiday Inn hotel (Diagonal Aeropuerto Street) and drive down that road all the way until the end, where you will reach 10th Avenue South. Take a right; that is the entrance to Playacar. Once you have gone through security, drive straight for about 4 minutes and find The Reef Resort on your left.

If you want to reach the entrance on Federal Highway, drive past the stoplight and take the next U-turn. Incorporate into the outside lanes. You will find the entrance right before the Hospiten hospital.

Taking a Taxi: A taxi from Cancun will charge you around $800 mxn to drive you to Playacar, but there are other options to reaching the Reef Resort. If you are staying in another hotel in Playa del Carmen, they will charge you between $30 and $80 mxn – depending where you are at.

Public transportation:

Colectivos: If you are coming from the north, you need to take a colectivo heading to Tulum and have it drop you off at Centro Maya. Carefully cross the federal highway to the entrance of Playacar. If you are coming from the south, a colectivo towards Playa del Carmen will drop you right near Hospiten. There is no public transport within Playacar, so if you are taking a colectivo you will need to either walk, or take a taxi to reach your destination.

Buses:  There are no buses that drive you to Playacar, so this time, taking a bus will not be an option. The easiest way to reach is by taxi.

The Reef Beach: Things To Do

As with every big resort, The Reef Playacar, has an array of family-fun activities to offer. With your day pass you are allowed to make use of all the hotel’s facilities and activities (some with extra cost).

  • Swim in their amazing pools and enjoy the meals and drinks included the wonderful service.
  • Lay on the beach beds with a beer in hand enjoying the wonderful blue ocean.
  • Rent one of the activities offered such as kayaking, snorkeling, and more.
  • Walk around the hotel looking for their many activities: restaurants, aquatic sports, entertainment, pools, relaxing, and so on.
  • Enjoy a wonderful meal on the beach, or by the pool, already included in your day pass.
  • Once it is 6pm and you are ready to leave the hotel, you can enjoy Playacar’s shopping malls with souvenirs and cafés.

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The Reef Beach: Recommendations

You will be in one of the high-end tourist destinations of Playa del Carmen. Things within Playacar (specially the resorts) are expensive. There isn’t a lack of services; you will find everything you need both inside and outside the resort. However, here are some recommendations:

  • Everywhere you go, always take money. Whether you are inside the hotel wanting to rent out an extra activity, or walking around Playacar wanting to take home a souvenir, you will need the extra cash.
  • Bring sunscreen! If you forget to bring sunscreen you will find yourself needing to purchase one within the hotel. That will not be cheap.
  • Although there are many activities to do within the hotel, bring a book, iPod, kindle, or whatnot. Laying by the pool for a couple of hours may result boring if you don’t have anything to entertain you.
  • Enjoy the food and drinks included in your day pass. You are paying $53 USD per person, make the most of it.

The most important thing, like we always say, is having fun and enjoying your day at the beach. The Riviera Maya is bathed with many beautiful white sand beaches, each special on its own – so go ahead and make the most of your day at the Reef Beach! And if you love it so much, you can always come back and make a reservation for a romantic dinner on the beach!

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