Live Music in Playa del Carmen

Some nights you just want to go out and enjoy some good tunes and good company. In Playa del Carmen we know how important that is for our travellers and even the locals here in Mexico. Therefore there are quite a few different locations scattered around Playa del Carmen that offer live music. Why not take advantage of listening to something a little different and not so mainstream while you are here in Mexico. Let loose and have a good time, while dancing and singing the night away on the beach. Below you will find a couple of our favorite places in Playa del Carmen that offer fantastic live music.

  • Wah Wah Beach Bar
  • Kitxen
  • Lucky Luciano
  • Senior Frogs
  • Fah Live Music & Food

Each one of these restaurants and bars offer some of the best live music and fun atmospheres that you would not want to miss on your travels.

Wah Wah

Wah Wah Beach Bar is so popular amongst English speaking travellers because of the setting. You will be dancing and singing directly on the white sand. You can also enjoy dinner and drinks for a reasonable price! In Mexico we like to please everyone, and this place is definitely a crowd pleaser. Wah Wah Beach Bar plays live music every Tuesday to Saturday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm and on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 7:00pm-10:00pm. So if you are tied up through out the day, make sure to head out there at night for a time you won’t forget.

Live Music


Kitxen is known to be a rockers paradise. This place is actually owned by a legendary singer and guitarist, who is part of the rock band: Caifanes. Kitxen is located right in the hustle and bustle of Playa del Carmen on Fifth Avenue between Constituyentes and 20th. It is open everyday from 5:00 pm to 2:00 am.

Live Music

Lucky Luciano

Lucky Luciano is another popular English speaking restaurant that plays some unique tunes through out the week. You can enjoy some delicious food + free entertainment with a tip at the end of course whether you enjoyed your experience. This restaurant is located on the famous Fifth Avenue, in the middle of the hustle and bustle. If you are looking for a place to get you up on your toes and enjoying life- this place will do that for you.

Live Music

Señor Frog’s

Señor Frog’s in another popular Mexican tourist destination amongst other travellers from all over the world. It seems to be a hot spot especially for Americans and Canadians. They place wonderful music and have live bands on weekends. You can enjoy the most delicious piña colada amongst all their other fabulous drinks- without leaving the beach. Señor Frog’s tends to be the busiest on weekends but it is enjoyed everyday of the week of course. You can find delicious food here as well.  Señor Frog’s is located at the end of Fifth Avenue on the beach and is conveniently right next to the ferry port to Cozumel. Bring your dancing pants to this place!

Live Music

Fah Live Music & Food

Fah is an excellent restaurant to have a great night! Plus, it is located in the heart of the Fifth Avenue, between streets 8 and 10. Fah plays live music every night. Also, they offer delicious food that goes beyond the traditional. Food and drinks here have a totally reasonable price. Additionally, the atmosphere at this place is amazing and so is the service. Moreover, if you want to enjoy a delicious café and breakfast, Fah opens from 8:00 am to 12:00 am.

Live Music

We hope you have a great night at these fantastic bars enjoying live music and Playa del Carmen!

Snowbirds are Returning to Playa del Carmen

It’s that time of year when the snowbirds start to prepare for their return to Playa del Carmen once again. Leaving behind the cold winds, rain and snow and migrate south to the sunny beaches of Playa del Carmen for much fun and well deserved relaxation.

Since your visit last year Playa del Carmen has had some changes to the Fifth Avenue. You will be glad to know that more stores have been added to the La Quinta Alegria Shopping Plaza, and there are several others due to open shortly. Unfortunately, the Body Shop has closed and remains empty right now but we are excited to see what will open next.

If you remember, last year there was a large construction site just a few steps away from the La Quinta Alegria mall, where the famous Calle Corazon used to be. Now there is a modern five story plaza called “Calle Corazon Mall”, where you will find well known retail stores like H&M -which opened one of the largest fashion shops on Fifth Avenue, plus sunglasses, cosmetics and a new Starbucks, and there will be much more to come. Above the shopping area is the upscale Thompson Hotel with 2 rooftop restaurants that are open to the public, the Cinco and Catch Restaurant, here you can enjoy a fabulous meal and some of the best views of the city.

Hopefully some things in Playa del Carmen will not change as we as locals and snow birds enjoy the simpler things too and a big hit with both is Kava Kasa. You will be happy to know that they still have a great yoga lineup and their weekly local market has not changed, you will find your fresh produce there every Tuesday morning. Kava Kasa posts their monthly yoga schedule on their Kava Kasa Facebook page and any other changes that may happen.

You will be happy to know that your favorite bars have not changed and still have their amazing lineups to keep your evenings full of entertainment and happy hours.

If this is your first year coming to Playa del Carmen as a Snowbird, there is a great online community of Expats that are always happy to assist you whether you just can’t find the right ingredient or if you are looking for fun night out.

One of the forums that is very useful is Playa Info, where you can find general information posted from where to find pink lemonade to a lists of the best happy hours in town.

Another very helpful community is the Facebook group Expats & Locals in Playa del Carmen, in this community they cover everything you need to know for daily living in Playa del Carmen and are eager to meet new people, they even arrange nights out which is a great way to meet new people and expand your social group.

Welcome Snowbirds Old and New!

Playa del Carmen: Seafood Lover’s Paradise

Seafood lovers will have a variety of options to choose from when visiting or living in Playa del Carmen. After all, this was originally a fishing town, and it stays true to its origins with a host of seafood restaurants. There is a wide spectrum of options, from the most economic cevichería to the most luxurious fishery owned by well-known and celebrated Mexican chefs.

True to its nature, Playa del Carmen is going to take you on the culinary experience of a lifetime. Here are some of our staff’s favorite seafood destinations in paradise.

Los Aguachiles

This mouth-watering restaurant has two locations in Playa del Carmen and another two in Cancun and Tulum. The aguachile is a traditional Mexican dish made of shrimp seasoned with chili peppers and lemon juice. Vegetables such as cucumbers and onions are usually added to spice up the flavor. Although that is their famous and most prominent dish, there are a wide variety of seafood options to choose from.

Cocktails, tostadas, ceviche, and tacos are just a handful of the elaborate and exquisite choices from their menu. To compliment your meal order a cold michelada; nothing screams beach time like seafood and a cold beer.

 photo Los Aguachiles_zpscgpi3wkt.jpg

Chiltepin Marisquillos

Quaint, unique and with a pool, this small locally-owned restaurant is the perfect fusion between land and seafood. Located on 34th street, this savory restaurant has little competition to its tempting and pleasant dishes that take you on a journey of excellent taste and texture experiences. Whether you opt for a caldo de camarón (shrimp broth) or a delicious shrimp and chipotle tostada, you are in for an explosion of flavors. For those who love seafood but want to give the land meal experience a go, you can choose from a variety of chicken and beef dishes – hamburgers, fajitas, tacos, and more.

Order an entry of beef nachos to share and follow it with a dish of oysters and settle it in your stomach with a delicious and cold michelada or just a very cool beer (una bien muerta). Chiltepin Marisquillos stands out for its delightful food and gratifying service.

 photo chiltepin-marisquillos_zpst4fskres.jpg


This lovely seafood tavern on Constituyentes Avenue, just two blocks from the ocean, is home to some heavenly dishes that will have your mouth watering in a matter of seconds. With barely two years in the Playa del Carmen scene, this restaurant has quickly made its way up to the top of the seafood favorites. Maybe it’s the shrimp clamato, its shrimp burger or its hefty burritos filled with your choice of meat that has pushed this restaurant to the most recommended in Playa del Carmen. It doesn’t matter what you choose, you’ll be delighted to have tried it.

A fish ceviche accompanied by a cool beer or one of their many fresh water flavors can make an ordinary meal into an extraordinary gastronomical experience.

 photo Tacontenedor_zpszapksijr.jpg

Well, I’m certainly hungry now! There are a handful of other delish places for seafood lovers, and we’re certain that a stroll down Fifth Avenue or any of its adjacent streets will end in a whirlwind journey of amazing flavors. For other seafood experiences you can try La Fisheria, Blue Lobster or The Freshy Fish & Co, all highly recommended by locals and tourists alike.

Interested in Budget Friendly Fish Tacos please read the article by clicking here.

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Grand Opening of La Memorable

Friday October 9, 2015 saw the grand opening La Memorable, a new food market located next to the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Located on the corner of 1st avenue and 26th, this is the third food market to open in Playa del Carmen and this night was dedicated to giving the residents of Playa a taste of what they have to offer. With a DJ and live band providing the soundtrack to an evening that gradually built in attendance, guests eventually filled the market and enjoyed the free samplings of wine and food. Juggling clowns and various street performers added to the entertainment ambience.

 photo DSC00354_zpsk4kl8o6i.jpg

Below you will see a photo gallery that not only captures the evening’s action but also also serves as an intro to the many shops that you will find when you arrive and explore for yourself.

 photo gonzales_zpsfaknbywg.jpg Upon first entering the food market you will come across the Gonzalez artisanal beer bar. There is only Mexican beer sold here, with seventeen on tap and 21 different bottled beers. The prices for beer begins at 35 pesos and goes up to 100 pesos.  If beer is not your drink of choice then there´s a full alcohol bar available as well. The bar´s location makes it an ideal place to sit and watch the people on the street but also is a good place to expand your palate of beers.
If you are a wine lover then head over to the Ensenada wine bar. It only features Mexican wines. and is the perfect place for business meetings or enjoying a drink after a day of work. Prices are very reasonable at about 90-140 pesos a glass, with bottles selling for between 300-1000. If you’re interested in something a little different, try picking up a bottle from the  Paladar De Mezcal store. There is not a lot of mezcal sold in Playa, so grab some for yourself or as a souvenir. They have a great selection that includes flavors such as mango and tamarind, and you can also order from their special cocktail menu.  photo DSC00371_zpsp6lwtdts.jpg

If you’re hungry and looking for something to eat head over to the Oye Carino seafood restaurant, a place where you can select your own fish for your meal or just have fish tacos. If you prefer a traditional  Mexican taqueria then head to the back of the market where you will find Taco Taco,  featuring a wide array of Mexican tacos.

 photo DSC00368_zpsfynhw0xy.jpg

For dessert try the El Socio candy store, perfect for the kids and people with a sweet tooth, then wind things off with a trip to Sabor Illegal,  the place to go for specialty cigars from Cuba and all over.

 photo DSC00422_zpsewxlcwn1.jpgSee for yourself why this was a such big attraction to the residents of Playa. La Memorable is now open so drop by and enjoy for yourself!

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The Perfect Meal: Best Spots for Lunch in Playa del Carmen

During my time on Earth I have met plenty of people who have claimed they do not eat breakfast. I’ve heard hundreds of others mutter that they would rather skip dinner and avoid being bloated before going to bed. However, not once in my life, have I come across someone who proclaimed they “don’t do lunch”. Sure, whatever, breakfast thinks it’s the most important meal of the day (it actually is, so don’t skip it), but who would ever say no to lunch?

Lunch means many things. It means that the time of the day when you can take a break from work or the hectic day has come. It represents freedom and everything in between. Lunch is that time of day when your brain can shut off and your senses can awaken. Ah, lunch, you are precious.

Because lunch is obviously delicious and important, I have set out to find the best spots to have a delicious and satisfying meal in the gorgeous town of Playa del Carmen. Are you ready?

Here are my Top 5 favorite restaurants to have lunch in Playa del Carmen!

1. Frutiyogurth

There isn’t much to say about this place except that it’s delicious! Located right in the heart of Playa del Carmen, this place is economic and serves rather healthy but amazing food. Salads, sandwiches, soups, eggs, and even chilaquiles, all with a special touch! The best part? Accompanying your meal with a delicious natural fruit frappe. I’m getting hungry!

2. Fruta Madre

This exotic restaurant is quite new in Playa del Carmen but has already captivated our hearts (and palates). You can choose between refreshing fruit sushi, hearty salads and even vegetarian burgers! It is located right outside Playacar where 10th Avenue starts. This is Mexican and Italian cuisine with a twist.

 photo Fruta Madre_zpsi5y9grlw.jpg

3. Los Aguachiles

This restaurant is quite famous – and perfectly located! Playa del Carmen is a fishing town and fish restaurants are everywhere. However, Los Aguachiles has something about it that keeps you coming back. Whether you’re having a delicious shrimp cocktail or some fish tacos, thinking of this place will have you drooling!

 photo Los Aguachiles_zps6c7fcyyl.jpg

4. Cheester’s

This pasta restaurant is nowhere near the touristy area but completely worth a visit. Their motto is that if you’re sitting across someone you are not allowed to use your cellphone, which is great for sharing with friends! Their plates are huge and worth splitting between two (and sometimes even three) people. Whether you’ve chosen one of their famous pastas or are going for a chic salad, this place will not disappoint.

 photo Cheesterrsquos_zpstpadupdd.jpg

5. Plank

And of course, we couldn’t forget the king of brunch! This chic restaurant offers a variety of brunch options, from omelets to molletes and chicken enchiladas (yum!). This restaurant is nothing but a mixture of saliva-producing tastes that will leave you wanting more and more.

My tummy is growling just from writing about my top five lunch (and brunch) favorites! Which ones are yours? Go ahead and give these a try, you will not regret it. Remember, everybody loves lunch, so call up an old friend and head over to a new restaurant every week.

If you like breakfast here are the best places to have breakfast at in Playa del Carmen.

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Love is in the Riviera Maya

You are back home stressed with work, taxes, family, and even the news. You decide to take a vacation at your second home in the Riviera Maya, and you owe it to yourself and your significant other to do nothing but relax and enjoy each other’s company. Maybe you cancelled your date night with your wife because you had to stay late to work, or maybe you told your husband you weren’t in the mood to go out because you spent all day working or taking care of your children or grandchildren. Well, you’re in Mexico, and the place is nothing short of romantic.

The Riviera Maya offers plenty of fine dining and romantic restaurants for you to spark that light. Here are our top 5 favorite romantic restaurants in Riviera Maya:

Oh La La!

This quaint little restaurant has a French name but offers international dishes. From lamb chops to grilled tuna, this Downtown restaurant is sure to excite your palate. Accompany your meal with one of the wide array of wines offered and enjoy the cozy company of your loved one.

Location: 14th Street Bis, between 10th and 15th Avenue
Price: $$$

 photo Oh Lala_zpshmtf8plq.jpg

Pavo Real by the Sea

As the name obviously suggests, this beautiful restaurant is right by the Caribbean ocean. Offering romantic candle-lit dinners, you can choose anything from an exquisite ceviche to shrimp in saffron curry. Moreover, you will be enjoying the stunning and serene scenery. Sounds like the perfect atmosphere for rekindling love.

Location: Tulum-Cancun Federal Highway 307, in Punta Maroma
Price: $$$$

Como Como Osteria Mediterranea

This gorgeous little restaurant is attached to La Tortuga Hotel & Spa, but functions on its own. Romantically decorated, the food is tasty and innovative. At night, the hotel and restaurant is lit up by candle lights that create a uniquely and suave atmosphere, perfect for sharing a delicious fish fillet with an Italian twist.

Location: 10th Avenue between 12th and 14th Street
Price: $$$

 photo Como Como_zpsysw9eldr.jpg

La Cueva del Chango

Don’t be fooled by the name (the monkey’s cave), this restaurant offers one-of-a-kind dining. Some even claim that the best guacamole they’ve had was in this very restaurant. Surrounded by trees and with a great wine menu, this place is nothing short of romantic.

Location: 38th Street between 5th Avenue and the Sea
Price: $$$


It can’t get any more romantic than this! Alux is built within a cave, which offers spectacular stalagmites and stalactites throughout! The food is delicious, the drinks are exceptional and the mood is perfect for a quite and enjoyable experience. The place has little light, which adds to the mysterious and romantic mood.

Location: Juarez Avenue S/N
Price: $$$$

 photo Alux_zpsncg2dk7x.jpg

Well, now you know where to go to forget about stress, work, or anything in between. Both you and your partner will not regret a dinner escapade to one of these – or any of the other hundreds of restaurants – that Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya have to offer. Bon appetite!

For more romantic things to do please read, Love Is in the Air in Playa del Carmen – 10 Most Romantic Things to Do.

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Where to Eat When Celebrating Holy Week & Easter in Playa del Carmen

Holy Week, according to Christianity, commemorates the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. It is celebrated every year between March and April, depending on the year. The Holy Week takes off with Palm Sunday, which represents the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem. Holy Monday, Holy Tuesday and Holy Wednesday follow Palm Sunday, eventually arriving to Holy Thursday. Thursday’s mass gives opening to the following three days, known as Easter Triduum, which is made up of Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday (or Resurrection Sunday).

According to Roman Catholic religion, Jesus was sacrificed on Good Friday; Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday represent his resurrection. While in big cities around Mexico, and the world, you may encounter religious processions, and even see people committing to sacrifices (such as actually carrying a cross on their back, beating themselves with whips, or simply walking barefoot), the biggest sacrifice most people will make is the abstinence from meat.

Holy Week and Easter Sunday are fasting days. Traditionally, fasting meant that you would sacrifice to only one meal per day on Holy Thursday and Good Friday; abstinence from meat (red and white) is the most common sacrifice people make these days. Hence, fish and vegetables become the main ingredients during this time.

If you are looking to keep true to this sacrifice, check out the Top 5 Seafood Restaurants where you can enjoy delicious meat-free meals during Holy Week and Easter:

  • Los Aguachiles

Where: 5th Avenue with Constituyentes Avenue, Downtown, Playa del Carmen; or 34th Street with 25th Avenue

Price range: $$

What you can eat: An aguachile is a chili-spiked ceviche in Mexico, and this restaurants lacks none of it! You can expect to eat tacos, tostadas, ceviches, cocktails and more. Everything comes accompanied by delicious home-made salsas.


 photo Aguachiles_zps5jcqgm4j.jpg

  • Blue Lobster

Where: 12th Street between 1st and 5th Avenue, Downtown, Playa del Carmen

Price range: $$ – $$$

What you can eat: Blue Lobster Seafood Restaurant offers all types of seafood and fish, from soups to salads, to appetizers, to risotto, fish fillets, fish pastas, and much more. You can also order their famous lobsters (they’re called Blue Lobster for a reason) and enjoy a delicious meat-free meal.


 photo Blue Lobster_zpsszveodxp.jpg

  • La Fisheria

Where: 5th Avenue between 22nd and 24rd Streets, Downtown, Playa del Carmen

Price range: $$$

What you can eat: This restaurant is owned by famous Mexican Chef Aquiles Chavez and specializes only in seafood. You can expect to eat nothing less than delicious food here. You can eat the catch of the day, grilled octopus, ceviche, fish tacos, and even shrimp pizza. There are many options for those seafood lovers out there.


  • El Muelle

Where: 5th Avenue with 32nd Street, Downtown, Playa del Carmen

Price range: $$-$$$

What you can eat: On their website they say that their chef, Charles Parkes, is a fresh produce lover. They are a 100% seafood restaurant, hence their “from the ocean to your table” concept. You can expect to eat seafood cocktails, tuna carpaccio, ceviches, pasta with seafood or their amazing grilled seafood.


 photo El Muelle_zpswkb9jwxi.jpg

  • La Cueva del Chango

Where: 38th Street between 5th Avenue and the ocean, Playa del Carmen

Price range: $$

What you can eat: Although this restaurant is not 100% seafood, they do serve some delicious “out of the ocean” food. For lunch you can expect to eat fish salad, fish sandwiches, shrimp Scampi, fish fillet with garlic, and more. For dinner you could have shrimp, tuna, or fish fillet, all marinated differently and accompanied by different fittings.


So, now you know where you can eat this Holy Week and Easter Sunday without breaking the sacrifices one is supposed to make! Or you can just go to any of the above-mentioned restaurants – or any of the other hundreds of delicious seafood restaurants in Playa del Carmen – any day of the year and enjoy some great Mexican seafood gastronomy.

This year, Holy Week will take place from Sunday, March 29 and will conclude on Saturday, April 14th, which is the Saturday before Easter Sunday.

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Dinner in the Sky: Riviera Maya

We often talk about heavenly food, drinks that make you fly, or even a restaurant that makes you feel like you are in heaven. Well, now you can actually taste, drink and live breakfast, lunch or dinner in the sky! For years, Dinner in the Sky has gone around the world taking people to a very high experience. Based in Belgium, this novelty restaurant (namely one of the top 10 restaurants in the world, according to Forbes), has stablished in cities around the world bringing people closer to the heavens.

Although it is not new in Mexico, it is the first time it establishes itself in the Riviera Maya…and you’re in for a ride! If the views of our beautiful paradise with your feet on the ground so breathtaking, you can only imagine what they’re like 50 meters up in the air. In their original website, they talk about giving guests a one of a kind experience with total safety and exclusivity. Hosted by Events in the Sky, this event can be hosted anywhere, from beaches, to golf courses, to the middle of the street.

 photo Dinner in the Sky_zpsnpuujj7k.jpg

Offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, or cocktails, Dinner in the Sky offers space for 22 people at a time. Part of the ritual is arriving early, getting a safety instruction talk, and then accommodating everyone around the table that will then be lifted into the sky 50 meters by a crane.

April 2015 marks the date of when Dinner in the Sky will officially open in the Riviera Maya, so start saving up because, yes, their packages are costly, but all for a good reason. The safety and technology systems, the staff, the crane, and the delicious food and astonishing view are all worth every penny you will invest.

Menu and Prices

As mentioned above, you can choose between breakfast, lunch, dinner or cocktails – you can also reserve the whole table for a private event where you can choose your menu and time of your event.

 photo Food_zpsdjmom0jt.jpg


Price: $1,800 mxn per person

Length: 1 hour

Menu: Grilled apple with honey and cinnamon; rested mass bread filled with grilled mushrooms, and gratin, baked eggs with dill; banana pancake with three milks sauce; bread, juice, hot chocolate and coffee.

Lunch and Dinner

Price: $2,500 mxn

Length: 1 hour

Menu: Chicharrón cream with pumpkin seeds; carbonara tagliatelle over a filet medallion with Peperonata; cocoa brownies with macadamia and mint; all food accompanied by red and white wine.


Price: $1,800 mxn

Length: 1 hour

Menu: Cherry truffle with cream cheese and caramelized sesame; marlin chalupas with chipotle and agave honey; carpesse pintxo with basil olive oil; chocolate and mezcal truffle; squash, cheese and bacon quiche; pink ceviche; asparagus wrapped with ribeye with balsamic caramel; tomato bread with chorizo and marinara sauce.

*Prices and menus are subject to change

Whichever package you choose, you are sure to enjoy a unique experience surrounded by friends, family or strangers, all as excited as yourself about having food and drinks so high up. Make sure you get your reservations in soon, because this is an event everyone wants to experience and seats sell out quickly.


Dinner in the Sky: Riviera Maya has yet to announce their location, but wherever they may be, you are sure to have a one of a kind view of the Caribbean Ocean and the Riviera Maya! Check out their website or give them a call to ask about the exact location.

 photo Sky_zpsjywkacza.jpg


As with every new thing that opens in the Riviera Maya, discounts are available. If you have a Mexican ID from Quintana Roo state, you can enjoy a discount when making your reservation and paying the full fee.

If you are hosting an event that will take up the 22 seats, you get a 10% discount off the total price!

Dinner in the Sky has gone around 40 countries and countless cities; in Mexico they are operated by Experiencias en el Cielo and are touring around the country. They have yet to announce how long they will be staying in the Riviera Maya, so check back for updates!

Top Mexico Real Estate specializes in helping foreigners become homeowners in the Riviera Maya! If you plan on vacationing or retiring in paradise, contact one of our Top Mexico Buyers’ Representatives who will be happy to walk you through the purchasing process and find your very own slice of paradise!

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The Best Budget Friendly Seafood Tacos in the Riviera Maya!

The Riviera Maya is a foodie’s paradise, with people from all over the world setting down roots in this beautiful country, and bringing their traditional, cultural recipes with them. Causing a fusion of culture and flavors with so many restaurants that you are sure to find one that suit your mood.

Set right on the Caribbean Sea, the Riviera Maya is known for its fresh seafood caught daily by the local fisherman.  There are so many options, you could have fish, shrimp, octopus, calamari, the list goes on and on, and you can’t visit the Riviera Maya without trying the seafood tacos. Trust me, you will not be disappointed and they will probably go down in the books as the best seafood tacos you have ever eaten. Here are the top budget friend, delicious spots to enjoy the best seafood tacos around.

La Floresta

La Floresta is a no frills, large outdoor restaurant with delicious food. The food is so good that the restaurant is always full. This is a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike.

Immediately upon arriving you are served a bowl of homemade chips and Pico de Gallo, which is to die for. I suggest ordering the fresh fish tacos which are fried, light and crispy, cooked to perfection and the shrimp tacos which are delicious, they are both served in a homemade tortilla.  The tacos at La Floresta are only 20 pesos each. They also have a variety of ceviches and ice cold beer.

La Floresta is a cash only restaurant and they close early, so make sure to get there before 6:00pm.

La Floresta: Playa del Carmen

14 Norte and the Carretera federal highway

Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo

 photo La Florista_zpsirdaboaw.jpg


Chiltepin has really good food, ice cold beers and a small pool that you can take a dip in. What’s not to love!

This is one of my favorite place, it has reasonable prices good food with a mix of tourist and local alike. They offer a variety of tacos ranging from 22 – 40 pesos, so mix and match and try different flavors. They also have fresh ceviche and if you are not a fan of seafood they have arrachera tacos, hamburgers and beer bucket specials.

Chiltepin: Playa del Carmen

Calle 34 and 15th Avenue

Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo

(984) 147-2487

 photo Chiltepin_zpsrnsapgby.jpg

Los Aguachiles

Los Aguachiles is a popular restaurant in the Riviera Maya, so expect to see a crowd outside and to have to wait for a table. Los Aguachiles has many delicious menu items and a wide variety of seafood platters including aguachiles, tostadas, tacos and several others!

I have tried all the tacos on the menu and I can’t pick a favorite, they are all so delicious. We often bring our friends or family who are in town to Los Aguachiles and it is always a huge hit. Feel free to experiment at this restaurant because you will not be disappointed!

Los Aguachilies: Constituyentes                                                   Los Aguachilies: Playa 34                                                            

Ave. Constituyentes Mz. 63 Lt. 3                                                   Calle 34 and 25th Ave.

Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo                                                               Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo

Los Aguachilies: Tulum                                                                   Los Aguachiles: Cancun

Ave. Tulum MZA. 40 LTE. 1 Centro                                                Ave. Nichupte MZA. 4 LTE. 1 Super MZA. 17

Tulum, Q. Roo                                                                                   Cancun, Q. Roo

 photo Aguachiles_zpsq84v777u.gif


Mateo’s is a beautiful place with a jungle setting to have a nice dinner. The price at Mateo’s ranges from 70 – 280 pesos, which is reasonable for Tulum.

The restaurant features a coffee shop, a bar and the restaurant, so there is something to suit everyone’s mood! Their classic margaritas is one of the best I have ever had. Mateo’s offers grilled fish, battered fish or shrimp tacos served on a flour or corn tortilla. The platter comes with four tacos, a side order of rice and beans for 120 – 170 pesos and you can also add a salad for 40 pesos. If you do not like seafood there are plenty of other options such as burgers, fajitas, and burritos.

Mateo’s: Tulum

Tulum Beach Road-Boca Paila KM 5.2

Zona hotelera Tulum, Q. Roo

(984) 179-4160

We hope you enjoy the gorgeous beaches, the beautiful sunsets, and the delicious restaurants in the Riviera Maya. Keep posted for more popular places to eat at around town!

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NFL in Playa del Carmen

The football season is finally here! We are looking forwards the games and the excitement of watching our favorite sports team.

Many expats living in Mexico often wonder where they can go to watch the games?? We have listed some of popular places to enjoy all the NFL games as well as a frosty cold beverage and delicious food.

Here we go!

Legends sports bar
16th Street, between 10th and 15th Avenues
(984) 8030662

This is one of the best sports bars in Playa del Carmen, with 8 huge HD Screens and a giant projector to enjoy every second of your favorite sport team. Legends Sports Bar update their programs daily, check out if they are showing your team here!

Legends has a very sports bar vibe, an expansive menu and air conditioning. Legends is ideal for enjoying some hot wing and an ice cold beer with friends and family, while cheering for your sports team.

legends sport bar

Wah Wah
2nd Street North and the beach
(984) 143 6009

Wah Wah is the only sports bar on the beach, and is favorite spot for their cold drinks and delicious food. We recommend the BBQ food and their crispy tacos are to die for, but everything on their menu is top quality.

Wah Wah offers 4 huge flat screen televisions throughout the bar and the largest HD screen in Playa del Carmen all showing sporting and other live events including NFL Football, Hockey, Boxing, Baseball, Soccer and much more. With daily food and drink specials there is no better place to in town to meet up with friends and fellow fans to cheer on your favorite team!

End Zone or EZ Sports Bar
5th Avenue, between 12th and 14th streets.
(984) 803 1872

This popular Sports Bar is located on 5th Avenue, you will always see a crowd watching the game. EZ has access to all important sport events: NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, Soccer, Rugby, Baseball, NASCAR, F1 & boxing. Do not miss a moment of your team, EZ has large screens throughout the bar as well as a projector and the staff is always willing to accommodate their client’s requests.

EZ Bar serves a variety of national and foreign beers, as well as cocktails and soft drinks, they also have restaurant service with tasty snacks and entrees to satisfy anyone’s taste.

One exciting sporting event and three wonderful options to enjoy every minute. If you are more of a homebody, and you would rather host your own NFL Party, many of our properties have huge club houses, palapas and terraces ideal for hosting the gathering of a lifetime. So grill up so steak, crack open a cold one and kick back with your friend and family as your team fight for the championship.

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