Winter is Coming: Escape the Cold in Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Snowbird is a common term heard in North America. It describes those who enjoy traveling to warmer climates during the winter months. And, seriously, who can blame them? While most of their counterparts in Canada and the United States are spending most of the time indoors, having to stomp through cold rain and snow just to get groceries, snowbirds are cozy warm next to the Caribbean Sea. From warmer weather to annual festivals, there are innumerable reasons why anyone might want to migrate south this winter.

Run from the Snow


While there are pockets of the United States that remain on the warm side during the winter months, most of the rest of Canadians and Americans are pulling out their parkas and galoshes. This year, Edmonton (the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta) had its first snow day on September 12th! That is a full ten days before summer even officially ended. While most of the rest of Canada and the US weren’t quite so unlucky, the winter weather will come for them eventually, as well. But, why wait for winter to come, if you can escape it beforehand?

Snow and cold is a worry far from anybody’s mind in the Riviera Maya region of Mexico. Even in its coldest month of January, temperatures average in the mid-20s Celsius / high-70s Fahrenheit. Although hurricane season lasts from May to November in the Riviera Maya, the depth of winter is safe from storms. It truly is an ideal time of year to warm up next to the Caribbean Sea.

Culture for Days

Santa Claus Snowbird

Another great reason for why any snowbird prefers to spend time in Mexico during the winter months is for the incredible culture. Día de la Revolución on November 20th is a day to mark the beginning of the Mexican Revolution. Visitors to the country can be on the outlook for parades or other street festivals taking place to mark this important day in Mexican history. On the light-hearted side, Día de los Inocentes is on December 28th. This is Mexico’s rendition of April Fools’ Day. Be careful, you might fall victim to fake headlines that newspapers often partake in to celebrate.

Of course, there is also Christmas and New Year’s Day. So, rest assured that you will not miss out on any personal traditions either. You also have the opportunity to add new traditions to your mix. For example, while many Americans or Canadians steal kisses or clink classes at the stroke of midnight, Mexicans look to las doce uvas de la suerte. They eat 12 grapes with each chime of the clock’s bell to bring good luck and prosperity for each month of the new year.

Snowbird Paradise Wonderland


Yet another reason to consider the Riviera Maya if you’re a snowbird is the affordable real estate options. There are thousands of properties out there that are perfect for snowbirds. During the winter months you can occupy them, but the rest of the year you are free to rent them out as vacation rentals, and profit from your property. There are options in Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cancun and even Merida. If you’re looking to run from the freezing winters of the north, you might as well make the most of it by investing in the region. And, who knows? You might just find your forever home here.

Between the beautiful weather and exciting holidays during the winter months of Mexico, it is no secret why the Riviera Maya is an ideal destination for anyone interested in migrating south for the winter. Moreover, it has incredible food and culture year-round, and friendly locals who are always eager to welcome snowbirds into their country.


Snowbirds are Returning to Playa del Carmen

It’s that time of year when the snowbirds start to prepare for their return to Playa del Carmen once again. Leaving behind the cold winds, rain and snow and migrate south to the sunny beaches of Playa del Carmen for much fun and well deserved relaxation.

Since your visit last year Playa del Carmen has had some changes to the Fifth Avenue. You will be glad to know that more stores have been added to the La Quinta Alegria Shopping Plaza, and there are several others due to open shortly. Unfortunately, the Body Shop has closed and remains empty right now but we are excited to see what will open next.

If you remember, last year there was a large construction site just a few steps away from the La Quinta Alegria mall, where the famous Calle Corazon used to be. Now there is a modern five story plaza called “Calle Corazon Mall”, where you will find well known retail stores like H&M -which opened one of the largest fashion shops on Fifth Avenue, plus sunglasses, cosmetics and a new Starbucks, and there will be much more to come. Above the shopping area is the upscale Thompson Hotel with 2 rooftop restaurants that are open to the public, the Cinco and Catch Restaurant, here you can enjoy a fabulous meal and some of the best views of the city.

Hopefully some things in Playa del Carmen will not change as we as locals and snow birds enjoy the simpler things too and a big hit with both is Kava Kasa. You will be happy to know that they still have a great yoga lineup and their weekly local market has not changed, you will find your fresh produce there every Tuesday morning. Kava Kasa posts their monthly yoga schedule on their Kava Kasa Facebook page and any other changes that may happen.

You will be happy to know that your favorite bars have not changed and still have their amazing lineups to keep your evenings full of entertainment and happy hours.

If this is your first year coming to Playa del Carmen as a Snowbird, there is a great online community of Expats that are always happy to assist you whether you just can’t find the right ingredient or if you are looking for fun night out.

One of the forums that is very useful is Playa Info, where you can find general information posted from where to find pink lemonade to a lists of the best happy hours in town.

Another very helpful community is the Facebook group Expats & Locals in Playa del Carmen, in this community they cover everything you need to know for daily living in Playa del Carmen and are eager to meet new people, they even arrange nights out which is a great way to meet new people and expand your social group.

Welcome Snowbirds Old and New!