It’s Freezing in Playa del Carmen!

No not really, but for most locals, we are feeling a bit chilly these days in Playa del Carmen and the entire Riviera Maya region.  Well, if you consider chilly 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit cold.  This is not entirely abnormal as the winter months in Playa can hand us a few days, here and there, worthy of a light scarf, a jacket and a hot chocolate! While some are complaining of “FREEZING” temperatures, others are still completely fine walking around in bathing suits and flip flops.  Both sides staring at each other thinking… “Are you crazy?” The fact is that when you live in a very warm climate year round, 70 degrees can in fact feel, well cold!  On the other hand if you are one of the many Canadians who are hiding from the below zero temperature, 70 degrees, even 60 degrees, is like jumping into a nice hot Jacuzzi!  Which is exactly why you see plenty of people roaming around Playa in both summer and winter apparel; sometimes in both at the same time!

So then what’s up with the weather in Playa del Carmen?

But in either case, many people are wondering why Playa is a little extra cold these days!  One reason is the winter season in Playa does bring some nicer, more comfortable days, to the area; which is always a relief after surviving hot and humid summers. Normally in January or February the air is neither extremely hot nor too cold.  Actually I feel it is the most perfect time of year here! The rain in the Riviera Maya region has also been a contributing factor to some of the chillier days!  It is no doubt that we have had an unusually long rainy season that continued even after rainy season is over! I should mention that this is not the norm in Playa del Carmen!  It is quite normal to see over 300 days of sunshiny days year round.  But in any case, without sun how can we heat up our little beach town?

Could it be because of the Polar Vortex affecting our neighboring northern countries?

We couldactually be seeing some effects of the cold air that has been freezing out Canada and parts of the Northern United States this winter.  It is all part of a weakened Polar Vortex which as an affect is ultimately sending cold air in a downward direction!  Granted we are way down south, but anytime there is a major weather change it can have a significant impact far beyond its local area.

Don’t let a few chilly days change your mind about Playa!

I should mention that in the winter months you can still have some extremely warm temperatures in Playa del Carmen, so my advice is to enjoy the cooler days when they come, as they do only come every once in a while.  Believe it or not there are some great rainy day activities in Playa del Carmen! There are still plenty of things to do in Playa del Carmen where you might actually appreciate some cooler days.  If you are heading to places like Xcaretwhere you tend to spend the day walking outside for an entire day it can be more enjoyable without extremely hot temperatures and also prevents too much sunburn.

And if you are traveling here and thinking you got cheated of warm weather and sunshine, don’t make your judgment just yet!  Playa del Carmen is a beautiful place to be anytime of the year and luckily is filled with many things to do so you can enjoy rain, shine, hot or freezing! If you like this article and want to see more like it hit subscribe to our blog or click on the link at the bottom of the page to follow Mexico Real Estate on facebook! Happy Winter from Playa del Carmen!