Enjoy your Bikini Freedom Girls! #throwbackthursday


This may come as a shock to most of you but choice of clothing or lack thereof was not always a free choice! Imagine getting ticketed for wearing your shorts too short! YIKES!  Today we make fashion and expression of who we are no matter how we choose to express it!  Be happy and be who you are!

-By Bea Lozano


Can You Imagine Dressing Like This?

Playa del Carmen is most certainly a laid-back place where no one would be too concerned if an American woman was enjoying a sunny day on the beach or on Fifth Avenue in a traditional Mexican clothing! Of course, many non-Mexicans who wouldn’t go for the dress might feel more comfortable in one of the beautiful blouses.

Whether you choose to try out some of Mexico’s more traditional clothing for yourself or not, the beautiful embroidery work and bright colors are certainly appealing to look at, either on people or even just on display.


Last week’s Oaxacan culture fair in Playa del Carmen was one opportunity to enjoy seeing traditional clothing for women and men:


beatlo's Oaxaca Traditional Clothing album on Photobucket

(If you can’t see the slide shows, click here.)


And there was also a good bit of jewelry:


beatlo's Oaxaca Jewelry album on Photobucket


Tomorrow, we will see some decorations, arts and crafts from Oaxaca as our final post on the culture fair that we enjoyed last week!


-by Bea Lozano


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