Falling in love with Fall in Playa del Carmen

This past weekend marked a new season of Fall all around the world!  For many the fall/autumn is associated with a slight chill in the air, changing colored leaves on the trees, pumpkin spiced coffee, comfy light jackets and the smell of apple pie!  Although many people are sad to see the summer come to an end, most will welcome fall with open arms!

This is a feeling that often gets missed if you are living in Playa del Carmen or other areas of the Caribbean!  Let’s face it; September doesn’t exactly scream autumn here, at least not in the way we are used to it!  But like anywhere else in the world the season does bring its own feeling no matter where you are!  There are plenty of ways to get you into that fall feeling!

Fill your senses!
Fragrances of cinnamon, apple or pumpkin can bring the life of fall right into your home!  Light a candle or use a fall scented air freshener!

Eat and drink your fall favorites! Don’t stop just because the weather is warm!  Go ahead and bake that pumpkin pie! Or choose your favorite fall flavored latte in your favorite coffee shop!  Fall is a feeling and it doesn’t have to be dictated by weather!

Decorate your home with fall colors and décor! In most stores you will find plenty of fall decorations!  The weather does not stop the retail industry from making these things available to you! Dressing your home in fall colors can bring the sweet autumn feeling right into your heart!

You can taste, smell and look at fall every day inside your house!

Get into the spirit with holidays!

Start creating your Halloween costume and get excited for your Thanksgiving dinner!  Getting excited for these fall holidays can put you right into that cozy comforting autumn mood.

Escape the Caribbean!

If you are truly itching for a taste of real fall then you might want to plan your vacations home during this time period.  Or if you have never traveled through Central Mexico it can be a perfect time of year to see the beauty of Mexico City, Guanajuato or San Miguel!  Taking a week or so in a cooler climate can do just the trick!

Natural changes the fall equinox brings to The Riviera Maya!
While it may still be quite warm in the Riviera Maya during the fall season, the weather and the amount of sunlight does start to change.  You may, every now and then, experience an evening or morning that becomes a little chilly!  If you love the fall take advantage of those moments!  Grab a sweater and go for a walk!  Take in the chill!  This is your time to drink a hot beverage and smell the cool air!  Fall is not non-existent here, it’s just sporadic!  So take advantage of the days that do come!

Each season brings new changes enter our lives. All of us here at Top Mexico Real Estate want to wish everyone a happy fall season in Paradise!

-By Thomas Lloyd
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It’s Time to Redecorate Your Home – Oaxaca Style!

Don’t you think it would be a great time to redecorate your home? People are always talking about “out with the old, in with the new.” Why not try “out with the new, in with the old” – or the traditional, at least!


Take a look at some of these fine household decorations, arts and crafts that I found at last week’s Oaxaca culture fair.  In this first picture, notice the busts of a Mexican president made of the same materials and along side of the ancient pre-hispanic pottery, skulls and animal figures.  (I believe the president is Benito Juarez, given recognition in Mexico similar to that of Abraham Lincoln in the U.S.)


You might also want to add a few candles to your new decor, in these clay candle holders, made onsite:

These fans would look nice on the wall, but if you’re living in Playa del Carmen, on the beach, I would suggest keeping them on the coffee table so people can actually use them:


Finally, while you’re in the process of redecorating, you might as well throw out the old pots and pans, and perhaps the dishes too, and try something more “down to earth:”

I love these culture fairs that we enjoy here in Playa del Carmen.  I makes it easy to get a taste of other parts of Mexico. While traveling to these places is always the best way to go, it might help you decide which location to travel to first!


-by Bea Lozano