Medical Tourism in Mexico: Why You Should Consider It

Medical tourism is becoming a preferred choice for North America, especially the United States. With the rising cost of medical expenses throughout the marketplace, healthcare in Mexico is becoming an industry that is rapidly gaining international attention. Many Americans cannot afford or do not qualify for health insurance back home. Likewise, many treatments are not covered for those who do qualify. This has pushed Americans to seek treatment in other areas. Mexico is an obvious choice do to its proximity, amazing destinations and incredibly low costs. In fact, it is reported that medical treatments in Mexico can cost about 80 percent less than in the US.

Medical Tourism on the Rise in Mexico

Last year, the Association of Medical Tourism announced a 10 percent increase in the medical tourism market. Surgeries such as knee and hip are the ones that have risen the most over the years. Patients are in search of other medical markets, such as dental care. Over 15,000 people seek medical treatment in Mexico yearly, and the number is quickly rising.

Medical research

Medical advancements and quality treatments given in Mexico have steadily increased. Ongoing research and development is also credited with increasing the recent influx of people traveling for medical purposes. Doctors in Mexico are highly qualified and are often studying procedures and treatments that might be hard to find elsewhere. This is especially true in the Yucatan Peninsula, where many doctors target American and Canadian markets.

The Yucatan Peninsula

Merida, capital city of Yucatan, is the most populated metropolitan city in the region. It reaches approximately one million people. Although it is known for its colonial charm and historical roots, Merida holds another very important title. Merida is the undisputed healthcare capital of Southeastern Mexico, according to The Yucatan Times. Beyond its fine arts and cultural diversity, it has a high-level medical infrastructure that provides numerous public and private hospitals, clinics and various research institutions. Tourists also recognize Merida for constantly updating and modernizing its laboratories that attribute to its advanced studies and research.

The city also has the highest concentration of specialists in the geographical region. Most of the resident doctors studied in the United States and speak fluent English. Others know multiple languages. Merida’s doctors see patients coming from Central America, all of North America, and other parts of the world, as well. They provide services and a variety of medical procedures which allows them to offer specialized treatments that other countries offer at much higher costs.

High-Quality Services in the Riviera Maya

Medical tourism has grown plenty in the Riviera Maya region for the same reason. More and more highly qualified doctors move to the area to offer their services at prices that are less than half than you would find up north. The quality of hospitals and clinics has also increased dramatically, and Cancun is offering more specialized treatments.

Whether you’re seeking a simple procedure while on vacation, or actively traveling for treatment or surgery, the Yucatan Peninsula is definitely the go-to place. In fact, 85% of Americans that have received some sort of medical attention in the region have reported a higher level of personalized care. Experience teaches doctors in the Southeastern region to undestand medical tourism. They know how families react to different procedures in an unfamiliar environment.

Low Cost and Top-Notch Services in paradise


Healthcare in Mexico is a rapidly growing industry that generations billions of dollars annually. Statistically, most of Mexico’s medical tourism come from the United States and Canada. The main reason for this is the little to no delay in scheduling procedures. Moreover, patients value the unmatched cost and the short and inexpensive travel time by plane. Moreover, who would refuse to get better after surgery in the beautiful Riviera Maya?

The skyrocketing cost of healthcare and the overcrowding of public facilities and institutions in the USA are forcing people to look elsewhere. Economic indicators are pointing towards alternative solutions that will instinctively increase the demand worldwide. Establishing a health provider(s) abroad is no longer a farfetched idea. It’s a practicing concept that is gaining momentum by the day.

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