Oaxaca’s Traditional Toys Mix the Old and the New

As I pointed out on Friday, last week there was a fair presenting various aspects of Oaxaca’s culture here in Playa del Carmen.  As I said in that post, which was about the food, Oaxaca is one of the more distinct regions of Mexico, on the south end of the country’s Pacific Coast.


Today, I want to share some pictures of toys we took.  I love seeing the toys, not only because we have two younger kids, but also just because of the colors, the variety and the style.


Today, they’re in a slide show:


beatlo's Toys - Traditional Mexico album on Photobucket

(If you can’t see the slide show, click here.)

Notice the variety; some are simple, fun, colorful traditional toys, like the rattles, some are figures that include religious scenes, history and day to day life and some, like the maps, are educational.  Yet, a single colorful style can be seen in all of them.


Also  notice the puzzles with Disney figures on them.  First of all, I don’t suppose they bothered getting copyright approval.  Secondly, notice that they also end up with the same colorful, authentically Mexican look!


 – by Bea Lozano


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