Hurricane Season in Riviera Maya and How to Prepare for it

Hurricane Season

For those that live or work on the East Coast of North America, familiarity with hurricane season is nothing new. It goes from May to November. Each year, the warm waters of the southern Atlantic Ocean give rise to tropical storms and hurricanes. 

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How to Prepare for Hurricane Season in the Riviera Maya

Hurricane season is around the corner in the Riviera Maya. Strictly speaking, the season kicks off in June and ends in November. But you shouldn’t be alarmed. A major hurricane hasn’t hit the area since Wilma in 2005. It never hurts to be prepared, however, in case things get tough. And although most hurricanes occur in the area during August and September, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We know what you’re thinking…how can I ever actually be prepared for a hurricane? Trust us on this one; there are many ways you can prepare beforehand. You might have never given this much thought because you didn’t need to, but it’s best to keep this things in mind and be ready for anything.

In fact, preparing for hurricane season is easier than you might think. If you follow these next five steps, you and your family should be safe.


Hurricane shutters

Photo by DAVE GATLEY/FEMA News Photo

It’s important to protect your home from a hurricane. This means installing hurricane-proof windows and doors, and maybe even a roof. At the very least, get roof clips. If it’s possible, having an underground room is essential in case of an emergency. If you are building, use concrete to prevent strong winds and rain from ruining your house.


You may never need it; but in case you do, it’s best your family plans out an evacuation route. Hurricanes will hardly warn you in advance, so it’s good to be prepared. Evacuation plans require thorough thinking and finding a safe place to evacuate to when needed.



Once a hurricane hits, there will most likely be no water or food. Supplies will be scarce everywhere, so you’ll want to have supplies and an emergency kit in your house. Buy non-perishable, canned food in advance and have at least a few extra garrafones (water jugs) laying around in case of emergency. Medical aide and supplies will be scarce, too, so get a first aid kit. And don’t forget extra batteries and flashlights in case electricity is cut out for a while.


Homeowners often overlook this, but it is equally as important. Making sure you have the necessary insurance to cover you in case of a hurricane will save you money down the road. This applies both for medical insurance, as well as for your house, car, and belongings.


If antennas drop, there won’t be any way to reach other people. But in case they’re still working, it’s best to have your contacts and electronics in order. Make sure you have extra non-plug batteries at hand to charge your phones or tablets in case you need to reach out to emergency services or other friends and family.

There are many more things to keep in mind when you live in the Riviera Maya and hurricane season comes around. While nothing will happen, most likely, it never hurts to be prepared. Make sure to be constantly checking the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) for updates about hurricanes and cyclones. And as long as the sun is out in Playa del Carmen, get out there and enjoy this beautiful paradise you call home.