Playa del Carmen Now Has an Animal Protection Act!

As I noted at the end of Friday’s post about bullfights and cockfights, Playa del Carmen had just passed an animal protection act!  Here’s an excerpt from a local news source, dated Friday, May 17:

Representatives in the [state’s] 13th Legislature unanimously approve the new Animal Protection and Wellbeing Act.  The law presents a legal mechanism which will protect not only pets, but also all species of animals, by establishing new standards to guarantee wellbeing, care and proper treatment, to avoid mistreatment, cruelty and suffering.

The law applies to the state of Quintana Roo, which also includes Cancun, Cozumel, Tulum and Costa Maya.

This is an important step in a series of actions that have already been taking place to help protect animals.

Many expats are involved in animal rescue and shelter as a way to contribute back into the community that has given them their new home.

I’m proud to be living in a part of Mexico that is taking decisive steps in the right direction to protect animals!

-by Bea Lozano

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