Organic Markets in Playa del Carmen

Eating healthy and buying organic foods has become trendy in today’s society. It has become important for people to eat right, making sure they do not consume pesticides or harmful toxins. Luckily, Playa del Carmen is a great city to live in if you want to focus your habits on being healthy and leading a cleaner lifestyle. In this vibrant town you will find many restaurants offering organic options, a signature many people live by. Most places in North America offer cheap food options, but in turn, these are unhealthy. When you live in a place where healthy options are more affordable, it makes it easier to transition into this lifestyle. Here are some of the best organic markets in Playa del Carmen where you can find fresh food for good prices.

The Best Organic Markets in Playa del Carmen

Organic Market

DAC Market

DAC is located on 30th Avenue, just north of Constituyentes Avenue. It is open Monday through Saturday from 7 am to 8 pm, and Sundays from 7 am to 2 pm. The market offers a wide arrange of fresh fruits and vegetables and an abundance of other delicious items such as fresh meat and seafood. This is a rather traditional market where you can find a variety of items that are also available in supermarkets.

El Pueblito Mayakoba Farmer’s Market

You will find El Pueblito Mayakoba within the eco-friendly, luxury resort of Mayakoba. However, anyone can visit the market. It is open every Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm, which makes for a great afternoon spent browsing through the many items on display. Find fresh and organic produce, home baked goods, art, and much more available here.

El Arbol Playacar Market

Fresh produce

The market El Arbol within the gated-community of Playacar is a tranquil place that offers more than just food. You can enjoy the beautiful environment, peaceful music, and a variety of organic products all in the same place. The market is open every Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm right on Tulum Avenue in Playacar’s Phase II. Throughout the week, you can find delicious bread and vegan food at the local, as well. This is one of the most complete organic markets out there.

El Jardin de Todas Market

Located on 80th Avenue and 3rd Street South, this quaint little market is open every Friday from 9 am to 12 pm. If you’re an eco-lover, you’re in for a treat. Here you can find many tasty organic products and handmade goods to help support the local communities. Make sure you get there early as it works on a first-come, first-serve basis. This is a great place to socialize and buy from local vendors. Everything is always fresh and their products will have you coming back every Friday for more.

If you’re ready to adopt that healthy lifestyle you’ve always been after, make sure to check out these amazing organic markets in Playa del Carmen. The truth is, the general environment in this beautiful coastal town is the perfect place to go fully organic. And if you want to go the extra step, you can also point your efforts towards recycling and leaving a clean life.

Want to Know What an Ancient Mayan Market Looked Like? Try Playa del Carmen

Have you ever wondered what an ancient Maya market looked like?


Sure, there are “modern” Mayan markets in the Yucatan Peninsula – they are only “modern” in the sense that they exist in the present age.  But we all know that things have changed over the past 500 – 1000 years.


Fortunately, the Mayan’s ancient civilization was well documented, and combined with archaeological research as well as the culture’s own tradition, it has been possible to set up an ancient Mayan market, in Playa del Carmen!


Xcaret, a theme park just on the south edge of town, hosted the event.


I had the chance to go! Take a look at the pictures:


Notice the ancient Mayan garb of the vendors:


These are almost hairless dogs that the ancient Mayans and Aztecs kept:


If you ever get the chance, go to a market like this one – it’s quite the experience!


-by Bea Lozano


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The Village of Tepoztlan – Part 2: Markets, Shops and Cobblestone Roads

living in MexicoEarlier today, I wrote about the village of Tepoztlan, a truly magical village just south of Mexico City – an area which I just happen to be visiting right now for my work with AMPI. I focused on the hill with the mysterious ancient pyramid on top and the old convent.  I would also like to share a bit more about the town itself.


Living in MexicoThe Town

The main street and a few of the roads surrounding the convent are the center of the town, with artisan shops, colorful restaurants and cafes.  The cobble-stone streets of the entire town are lined with adobe-brick houses with red, clay-tile roofs.  The town is worth walking through just to enjoy the picturesque scenery and quaint atmosphere.

Living in Mexico

The Market

Another feature of the town center is the market, which is located right next to the church.  While it is probably the least picturesque part of the village, there is something very attractive about.  Living in MexicoVendors offer very fresh and tasty fruit and vegetables at amazing prices.  There is also an area where they prepare food, and you can enjoy everything from quesadillas to roasted grasshoppers, to full meals of traditional Mexican dishes like “mole” (a think black sauce that is both spicy and sweet usually served over chicken.)


Living in Mexico


One of my personal favorites is mushroom quesadillas; all the tortillas are freshly hand made.  There are also some shops that sell charcoal roasted chicken and rabbit.



While I’ve never seen a UFO or had a witch put a spell on me here, I most certainly feel a different kind of magic standing on the pyramid overlooking the town, seeing the centuries-old paintings in the convent and church, walking in the streets of the town or just enjoying good food!



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