Celebrating Mexico’s Independence Day on September 15th!

Viva Mexico!!!  These are the words that you will hear shouted in every town square, every home, and nearly every establishment in Mexico when the clock strikes midnight on the start of September 16th! Mexican Independence Day is an important holiday full of pride and enthusiasm for the Mexican people!

Most of the celebrations will start the day before on the “eve” of Independence Day which is September 15th!  Just like July fourth,in the United States, it is usually taken as a long weekend and results in lots of travel to main touristic points in Mexico.


Celebrating in Playa!

If you are in Playa del Carmen or any other area in Mexico during this time period you will see a high increase in Mexican tourism during these days and it is no doubt that the beaches will be packed!  Many people take advantage of the long weekends to go out and celebrate.

Here in Playa, there will be a gathering the night of September 15th at the “Municipal Palace” which is the town square or town hall.  In addition, Playa del Carmen’s nightlife establishments will be packed full of people and energy!

Whether you are in the town square or in one of the nightlife hot spots you will be directed to all the screens which will show the President at the Zocalo or town square of Mexico City.  At exactly twelve o’clock the president comes out to ring the liberty bell and Shouts “Viva Mexico” and “Viva la Independencia” Which means “Live Mexico” or “Live Independence”.
After each shout the people repeat after him, “Viva Mexico”, Viva la Independencia”!  If you are standing outside of your home in Playa del Carmen you will likely be able to hear this shouting very loud and all over town!

It is normal to start the celebration the 15th of September throughout the day eating and drinking and having parades. Other traditional ways to kick off Independence Day are rodeos and bullfights!  It is normal to have a traditional Mexican dinner the night before.  A very important Mexican dish called “Pozole” is usually cooked and served in homes.


It’s a celebration for everyone!
If you are visiting Playa during this time and are not already invited for a traditional Mexican dinner, try preparing your own Mexican feast or go out for dinner! Many places will be offering Independence Day specials!

After dinner, go out for some cocktails, be social with your friends and wait for the President at Midnight!


A day of rest

September 16th is a rest day for most people and used to spend the day with family or just hanging out or in some cases surviving the hangover from the night before!  You will likely see the beaches of Playa del Carmen packed!

We hope that our expat community will embrace our tradition and join in on the festive atmosphere!  For more information about holidays and celebrations in Mexico click here!

-By Bea Lozano
Livin' Playa video interview

Cathy Tells You about Life in Playa del Carmen! (Video – Livin’ Playa)

Do you ever imagine what life in Playa del Carmen would be like? Walking on the beach, yoga, Spanish classes, martini’s at the poolside, relaxed expat clubs …

Sounds almost too perfect, doesn’t it?

Well, people who live here can tell you that that’s what life is actually like.  We have another video in our Livin’ Playa series, this time an interview with Cathy Morrison.  Cathy is a past client of ours – we helped her and her husband find their ideal condo in Quadra Alea.  And guess what life is like for her:

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)


Walking on the beach, yoga, Spanish classes, martini’s at the poolside, relaxed expat clubs …

Life in Playa is relaxation!

-by Thomas Lloyd

MexFest in London, England – A Celebration of Mexican Culture

For any readers in London or nearby, a friend sent me this about Mexfest:


London MexFest is an exciting programme of contemporary Mexican cinema, architecture, exhibitions, music and gastronomy.


Mexican and British exponents of all these creative disciplines will engage in talks and events to highlight the growing bilateral cultural collaboration between the two countries.


And the trailer video:


I think it’s going right now, but at least you’ll know for next time – and it’s always good to know that Mexican culture is gaining good exposure!


-by Bea Lozano


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Mexico’s Charm Comes in Simple Images – A Car in a Village

Imagine this – a traditional Mexican town, with brightly painted homes, an old VW parked on the road …


Well, you don’t have to imagine.  Here’s a picture:


If you live in Mexico, scenes like this are very common.  Notice the man fixing his own car an the roadside.  Back home, this may indicated some sort of emergency repairs, but here, this is normal; even in repair shops in working-class communities will have a car or two on the roadside while they work on them.


Also notice the VW Beetle; “Bugs” (or “Bochos” in Spanish) went out of production 10 years ago, in 2003, so relatively new Beetles can still be found on the road.


As I’ve said before, now and then I just like to do a Google search for images on Mexico.  This is the second time I’m sharing some of these pictures, and I think I’ll do some more in the future.


– by Bea Lozano


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