Livin’ Playa – A Big Slice of Chicago in Playa del Carmen!

Dear Expats, long time vacationers, and snowbirds, I am pleased to announce Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza in Playa del Carmen!  We already know that Playa del Carmen has a wide array of international and national food choices, which only proves that Playa is keeping up with international demand and catering to Playa del Carmen expats!

I want to give Don Chendo’s a big high five for bringing us such a special treat to Playa!  Pizza is no stranger in this beautiful beach town as there are plenty of delicious Italian thin crust pizza options, but this is a truly unique and one of a kind concept in the area. I had the chance to try the classic deep dish pizza as well as another incredible classic….spaghetti and meatballs (mom’s style)! AMAZING and delicious!

The little pizza shop is located in a perfect area on 30th avenue between 24th and 26th streets.  In my opinion the location is beyond perfect and allows the community of Playa del Carmen expats (living off the 5th avenue) the chance to have a high quality, fantastically priced, 5th avenue worthy meal, very close to home, and in the center of town!

I would like to use this as an example to highlight that the expat community in Playa del Carmen is absolutely growing, thus making more room for American or foreign run businesses to take off and be successful.
There is also more opportunity for expats to make a small business because there is true demand from consumers.  We love Mexico and all it has to offer but we also love when we can find something familiar and close to our hearts!

Something unique that I find from talking to many Americans and Canadians, moving or retiring in Playa del Carmen, is the desire to come here and run a simple business!  Even those who are retiring are looking for something to do!

Many people have worked for years in fast paced careers or big business and would love to finally get the chance to be their own boss, earn a little cash and become part of the Playa del Carmen community! Opening a business is also a great way to meet new people and get to know other Playa del Carmen expats!

If you are thinking about moving to Playa del Carmen and would like more information about what’s going on around town keep up with our blog or visit the Top Mexico Real Estate Facebook Page.

Video: The Founder of Playa Animal Rescue Shares Her Story!

The beaches of Playa del Carmen are among the most beautiful in the world, and no doubt that life on these beaches is a central part of being an expat.  Yet, being an expat is much more than just relaxation on the beaches.

As we’ve seen with the stories about the Keep Kids in School program (KKIS) over the past week, many expats contribute to the community through volunteer and charity work.

We’ve also posted about the Playa Animal Rescue program.  Here’s another video about this program – this time an interview from the expat woman who founded it last year:



This is such a wonderful story! She came to Playa, saw the need and did what she needed to open this shelter.  I’ve been there, and these dogs are simply adorable creatures!

By the way, if anyone is looking for a dog, this is an excellent way to find a wonderful companion; as she notes in the video, the dogs are healthy and clean.  It is also very possible to take the dogs back to the U.S. or Canada.


-by Bea Lozano

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